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    We've listed the best SUV deals and special offers that are available this month on some of the top new models.
    Date: May 5, 2016
    Author: Doug DeMuro
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    The 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class remains a truly desirable luxury 4-door coupe.
    Date: April 19, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
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    The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter full-size van is made with the same attention to detail as the company's more luxurious products.
    Date: April 13, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
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    The 2016 Audi S6 premium midsize sport sedan stakes its claim as one of the best in a class full of amazing cars.
    Date: April 12, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
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    Are you looking for a used car with some extra peace of mind? Check out our list of today's best deals on certified pre-owned vehicles.
    Date: April 7, 2016
    Author: Doug DeMuro
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    The 2016 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class premium compact roadster comes as a fuel-efficient fun machine or a high-velocity track weapon.
    Date: April 6, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
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    With Peugeot and Citroen mulling a return to U.S. shores, we've picked six French cars that we think would look great in American driveways.
    Date: April 5, 2016
    Author: Joe Tralongo
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    The 2016 Jaguar XF is all new, and we're taking a close look at what's changed since the prior model year.
    Date: April 5, 2016
    Author: Doug DeMuro
  • 9
    The 2016 BMW i3 all-electric premium compact hatchback doesn't stick to the usual car playbook -- it's too clever for that.
    Date: April 1, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
  • 10
    The 2016 Porsche Panamera delivers 911-like performance in a sedan with room for four and a distinctive style all its own.
    Date: March 30, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
  • 11
    The 2016 Lexus GS midsize luxury sedan adds the GS 200t model to its impressive portfolio.
    Date: March 29, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
  • 12
    We had a chance to test out the high-performance F version of Lexus's luxurious GS sedan and here's what we think.
    Date: March 29, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
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    The RAM ProMaster 3500 is the king of the hill in RAM's all-new ProMaster cargo-van lineup.
    Date: March 25, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
  • 14
    Thrill overkill: The 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabriolet launches alongside the E43 sedan and GLC43 midsize crossover.
    Date: March 23, 2016
    Author: Colin Ryan
  • 15
    The 2016 Hyundai Genesis offers a recently refreshed look. If you thought the original was good, wait until you get a load of this one.
    Date: March 18, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
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    What's the deal with all these new cargo vans on the market? Are they any good? Here's what we think.
    Date: March 17, 2016
    Author: Doug DeMuro
  • 17
    The 2016 RAM ProMaster 2500 is an all-new choice in the surprisingly competitive full-size cargo-van segment.
    Date: March 16, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
  • 18
    Get set for the 2016 New York Auto Show, the Easter extravaganza for East Coast gearheads.
    Date: March 16, 2016
    Author: Colin Ryan
  • 19
    The RAM ProMaster brings a fresh face to the increasingly competitive world of the full-size cargo van.
    Date: March 11, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
  • 20
    The 2016 Infiniti Q70 offers a dizzying array of features, engines and body styles, making it a luxury sedan that wears many hats.
    Date: March 7, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
  • 21
    The 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has reduced its extensive range ever so slightly. It's still a top choice, though.
    Date: March 3, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
  • 22
    The 2016 BMW 5 Series closes out its sixth generation with strong engines and exceptional capability.
    Date: February 17, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
  • 23
    The 2016 Hyundai Genesis is taking on luxury-sedan rivals in more ways than just its price point. Here are five reasons to check one out.
    Date: February 5, 2016
    Author: Jabari Jones
  • 24
    Even without a diesel option, the 2016 Volkswagen Golf is still a king among compact cars.
    Date: February 1, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
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    The 2016 Audi A3 range welcomes a plug-in hybrid hatch to join the compact sedan and convertible models.
    Date: January 25, 2016
    Author: Autotrader
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