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Tyler Toyota

300 S 45 StreetMt Vernon, IL 62864
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Why You Should Buy a New Car From Us

We have one of the largest used car inventory in the area. We also backed all of our vehicles with excellent customer service. Now offering Customer Advantage Pricing !

Why You Should Buy a Used Car From Us

We have been in business for over 60 years. We fully recondition each of our pre-owned cars and trucks before they are offered for sale. We pride ourselves in offering ... Read more
We have been in business for over 60 years. We fully recondition each of our pre-owned cars and trucks before they are offered for sale. We pride ourselves in offering the cleanest, low mileage, hand selected vehicles in all of southern Illinois backed by the best customer service in the business. Satisfaction is always part of the deal here at Tyler's! Now offering Customer Advantage Pricing !

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Price excludes taxes, license and title fees, and a documentary service fee.
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Dealership Reviews

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wilderness4/19/2015 03:32:33 PM
Overall Rating
Customer Service
Overall Experience
Reason for My Visit:SALES(USED)
Would I Recommend this Dealer:No
Who Helped Me:Alrady mentioned. (Michel and Jarod sales rep) Tom was actally nice, and professional but very busy.
To start; I was purchasing "unseen" and needed an honest opinion of the vehicle I was interested in. "It runs great" was the standard. The Service department (Justin) at 7:30am to inquire on the vehicle mechanics and condition since they "serviced it", and he told me to call back and he had to get to work (slightly rude), he could not even tell me about the pathfinder? I asked the sales rep. (Michel) what the model was and he stated " its and an LE on the sticker" . I said it did not appear to be an LE by looking at the options on it (it literally had cruise control and power windows, automatic and that s it, and 4x4). He referred me to TOM. Tom was nice and said he would look into it. Nissan USA (I called myself) had the model according to VIN as an LE. When I talked To the Nissan dealerships locally they had the VIN as an XE. The issue was the pathfinder had no LE options on it. After conceding that I would pay LE price to Tyler I offered a FAIR price between NADA and KBB values. It was counteroffered at a higher end price, and I told them I was happy with the price. After this I wanted Tylers mechanics to look the vehicle over and make sure there was no major issues. I was also concerned with a recall on the vehicle (front strut and corrosion). I was told that the auto check would tell me all service records, not true. All Tyler did was an oil and filter change according to the autocheck. You would think that if their was a major issue or recall they would know about it. Heads up, this is not the first time I educated myself on a vehicle and had to educate a dealer. So, after 4 days of being pretty much blown off and not taken seriously I called on a Sunday morning and was told they were negotiating a deal with another person. I asked Jarrod if Tom had checked into the concerns I had with the Nissan recall. He (Jarrod) said that when he drove it the front end was not tight. I expressed concern over a safety issue and he said he had a phone call and had to take it. Also, Previously when I called I spoke with Michel and when I offered below the sticker price he said " what?, you wont get it for that price you are crazy, you can get a Nissan pathfinder for under 4,000 dollars". So, I should have just bought it right? So, my problem is that these folks like many cars sales folks do not have any idea what they are selling and do not care AT ALL. They want your money and that's it. I actually do not blame them for that but we have to treat people with respect, at least that what I try to do on a daily basis. I will give Tom credit he was actually nice, but as Jarrod said " he is a busy Man". SO, I called a smaller dealer this morning and found a Jeep on auto trader. The owner dropped the price 700 dollars instantly, he sent me email and texted photos with 30 minutes, and offered to drive the vehicle to me. Crazy to think he wanted my business. Tyler take note, what if I wanted a 40K vehicle and wanted you to send it to me, many people buy on autotrader, and some that way, you just never know right?. ADVICE, Treat all people the same as if they may just drive the distance or not, and drop the money on a vehicle. Anyway that's how I would be if I were a sales person, but maybe that's why I am not either. Oh yeah, no phone call today to say if the vehicle was sold or not and no phone call back after I called this morning to check on the mechanics taking a good look at it. I hope the person who bought the vehicle was aware of the recall and got an answer on whether it was repaired or not. It sounded serious as it could cause a crash and result in death. I will give tyler the benefit of the doubt and say they probably told the folks about the recall and if it was fixed or looked at the vehicle to determine if it needed to be repaired?? Because that would be negligent and soulless.
dacowman2/12/2014 05:05:50 PM
Overall Rating
Customer Service
Overall Experience
Reason for My Visit:SALES(USED)
Would I Recommend this Dealer:No
Who Helped Me:All
My fiancee and I went to look at a Mazda RX-8 that Tyler's had listed on autotrader yesterday afternoon. When we arrived the sales people were nice and everything went smoothly. We were given a key to inspect the interior of the vehicle and we inquired about its maintenance history etc, just your typical used car stuff. Being familiar with RX-8's, I asked if the engine had been replaced and they promised to look into it for me. They also said that they would clean the car up so that we could look at it in detail (there was snow on it) because my fiancee, who the car is for, works a lot and she only had two days available to do her car shopping. So that the dealership understood our need for urgency right before we left the both of us again made it absolutely clear that we needed to buy a car quickly. So we waited until later that afternoon, when they were almost closed, and we stopped by again since we happened to be on that side of town anyway. They said that they still had no information available. The RX-8 was still in the same spot and still just as dirty. This didn't make us mad since we knew they could have been busy etc, so we just asked them to contact us the next day. We weren't expecting it to be ready yet, but I was sort of expecting to have the maintenance information since it had been three or four hours time. The next day we sat around waiting all morning to hear something and it never happened. Thankfully I had the foresight to take a picture of the VIN number with my phone so I contacted a local Mazda dealership and they referenced the engine recall history and informed me that yes, it had been swapped out and they gave me the other information that they had available.This whole process took literally two minutes, and a minute of that was being on hold. Upon finding out for ourselves the history of the vehicle, a full day after they had promised to look into something that takes literally no time at all, we finally received a call back from the dealership. They didn't tell us anything that we had asked, they just said that they "hadn't had the time to get it into service, but that we were welcome to come drive it". We said that we would be there in forty five minutes to an hour. So we're on the way there, just a few minutes away, and we get a call from the sales guy and he tells us that we can't drive the car now, because it's "been in service and they don't want to take it out before it's finished". Yes, it was dumb, and we didn't know what to say but "OK". Since we were already so close to the dealership, we just decided to do a U-turn in Tyler's lot. Guess what was sitting there - the red rx-8 was parked in the exact same spot that it had been in, unmoved and definitely not at all in any kind of a service bay. So, in short, instead of having a quick sale to people that had already said that they were ready to buy and, not only that, *needed* to buy within 2 days because of our limited time available. Well, we ended up wasting both of our shopping days at Tyler's and, not only not getting the car we wanted, but we were lied to and even our initial simple questions were ignored.
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