Search Tips

You don't need to type "and."

We'll automatically search for dealerships with all the keywords you enter.

For example, the search below will show dealerships that offer financing and have body shops.


Remember, you're searching for dealerships.

Enter keywords that describe what you want most from a dealership. You can search by a dealership name or by dealership features such as financing deals, special offers, loaner cars, shuttle services, body shops and more.



Double-check your spelling.

We have a basic spelling checker, but it isn't guaranteed to find every misspelling, especially misspelled dealership names.

Use quotation marks to find exact phrases.

If you enter a string of words with quotation marks around them, we'll only search for dealerships with those exact words and in that exact order.

For example, entering "special interest financing" will give you results with the words special, interest and financing - in that exact order.


Don't bother with punctuation and capitalization.

We strip out all punctuation, so you don't need to enter it.

Our searches are not case sensitive.

You'll get the same results whether you enter Service Center, service center or SErVIcE CenTEr.