A Teutonic infusion, but still brewed in Solihull.

by Nick Twork

The replacement for Land Rover's chart-topping Range Rover represents a significant departure from the current model. This early mule uses a current Range Rover body mated to the new truck's chassis. Look closely - there’s much more here than meets the eye. We pick out a four-wheel independent suspension, quite a departure for a vehicle that currently uses front and rear beam axles. Also, according to our sources, under the hood of this prototype is a BMW V-12 engine. A BMW V-8 will likely be the base engine for the new vehicle, the same sources indicate.

The independent suspension means the new Range Rover will have a “much greater breadth of capability,” as one insider put it. And it will be much more a product of a combined Land Rover/BMW organization - it will be built from the same component set as the BMW X5. However, the X5 and Range Rover will differ significantly both in styling and in capabilities. As you might expect, the BMW is said to have impressive on-road dynamics with reasonable off-road capability. The Range Rover, true to its heritage, is expected to balance the other side of that scale with better off-road capability.

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