The best-driving production Mustang to date, with its retro, understated look, the 2008 Mustang Bullitt is also one of the coolest rides on the street. Patterned after the 1968 Mustang that starred in the Steve McQueen film Bullitt, Ford added and removed items to get to the stealth result - no fog lights, hood scoop or rear spoiler here. Based on the V8-powered GT, the cold-air intake and upgraded exhaust system add 15 horsepower and a throaty rumble. The suspension upgrades deliver crisp steering response and balanced handling. The charcoal leather seats are comfortable with decent lateral support, but don't forget this is strictly a 2+2. It takes some effort to get in and out of the back seat and even kids won't want to spend much time back there. - Mike Meredith

It is mean and green, but you don't need to make it angry to feel its power. With 315 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque, the best part about putting the pedal to the metal is hearing the grunt of the 4.6-liter V8. Forget that the Bullitt comes with a decent audio system because listening to the exhaust and engine is already music to your ears. Traction control helps corral all those ponies, but this car isn't all about power. It rides surprisingly smooth, the handling is superb and the exterior oozes a machismo other Mustangs do not possess. With a logo-less grille, the Bullitt sports a "don't mess with me" face; special 18-inch wheels complement the car like Olive Oyl to Popeye; and the chrome dual exhaust tips are a nice touch. As a sport-compact enthusiast, I have to give props to the Mustang Bullitt. - Johnny Pak

Some cars are made to attract attention. Others are content to hide in the shadows. With virtually no shiny metal of any kind, dark wheels, black grille and dark green paint, the Mustang Bullitt fits the latter. The interior is also very simple, with classic Mustang gauges, supportive seats and a stylish shifter. In fact, the Bullitt is so low key it doesn't even say Mustang on it anywhere. But heads do turn when you start it up and the throaty V8 broadcasts from dual pipes. The smile that just appeared on your face will get even bigger when you put your right foot down and feel that rush of strong acceleration - try not to think about what flooring it does to your wallet in the cost of fuel. The Bullitt will satisfy those who want power and performance but don't need a ride that screams, "Hey, look at me." - Perry Stern

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