• The air bag automatically deflates as the gas escapes through vents in the fabric of the air bag. Air bags cannot smother you and don't restrict your movement after the crash.

  • The whole process of air bag inflation and deflation occurs in less than one second.

  • The powdery starch or talcum substance used to lubricate the air bag may initially contain small amounts of sodium hydroxide and may cause some temporary minor irritation to the eyes or throat.

  • Other minor injuries can include abrasions from contact with the fabric of the air bag.

  • Remember: Air bags cannot be reused—they are a single-use safety restraint.

  • Do not drive your vehicle until the air bag has been replaced by an authorized repair center.


Excerpted from http://www.safercar.gov/portal/site/safercar/menuitem.13dd5c887c7e1358fefe0a2f35a67789/?vgnextoid=8a4ae66aeee35110VgnVCM1000002fd17898RCRD

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