by Perry Stern
Source: MSN Autos Editorial
November 20, 2008

Hyundai is seeing great success with its new Genesis sedan, and it’s only a few months before the new Genesis Coupe goes into production. But there were no regular production versions of either model on display on the Hyundai stand – this is SEMA, and the Korean car company brought a batch of custom versions to show off the possibilities. The results were even more impressive given that the custom shops had only about two months to work on the projects.
Hyundai teamed with such well-known names as HKS and DUB to create the custom SEMA cars, but the vehicle that received the most attention was the Racing Genesis Coupe by famed driver and customizer Rhys Millen.
This visually stunning concept looks ready to hit the racetrack. All body panels were replaced with carbon fiber for considerable weight savings – the door alone went from 68 pounds stock to just 8.5 pounds. Ground effects have been added to improve airflow and down force, and the large rear spoiler is fully adjustable. The paint scheme is a combination of Hyundai blue, silver and unpainted black carbon fiber and enhances the curves of the stock design. The hood features a functional air scoop and vents to keep the more powerful turbocharged engine cool. Lightweight 18-inch wheels, Brembo brakes and racing slicks complete the completely functional look.
Hyundai did not announce plans to go racing based on this design, but apparently the company has not ruled out the possibility.
While the Rhys Millen design clearly shows off its capabilities, the feature Genesis sedan was created to be a bit more subtle. Created by RKSport and the Hyundai America Technical Center Inc., this sedan has a Euro style with polished Platinum Silver paint, body kit, stylish Enkei performance wheels and a composite rear roof and trunk spoiler. But what’s under the hood is anything but subtle – it’s a supercharged version of the standard Tau V8 engine that puts out an impressive 460 horsepower. It also utilizes advanced cylinder deactivation technology, which improves efficiency to the tune of an estimated 18 mpg city, 27 mpg highway. A stand-alone version of this new engine was also on display, which could indicate a possible production future.
Two other Genesis coupes were also on display. HKS, which is known for building high-performance parts, created a stylish coupe with eye-catching red paint, body kit and 19-inch wheels. Most of the work on this coupe was done under the skin, where there is a turbo upgrade, intercooler upgrade, stainless cat-back exhaust, fully adjustable suspension and more.
The Street Concepts Genesis features a black camouflage, stealth-fighter-inspired paint design with red headlights and a custom grille. It also boasts Volk 19-inch racing wheels, Pirelli performance tires, a modified suspension and Brembo brakes. Inside are a custom Infinity audio system, Recaro Sportster Topline seats and black suede accents designed to fit the stealth-fighter theme.
Rides magazine worked with Hyundai to create a high-tech Genesis sedan. Features include the latest in digital accessories such as two Mac Mini computers, a MacBook Air, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection and movie-theater-quality surround sound. The 8.4-inch video headrest monitors are wrapped in the original leather to maintain the OE look and feel, while the seats contain suede accents.
Well-known custom house DUB created two Genesis sedans – one black, one white. The black features tinted windows, lowered ride height, custom interior, performance exhaust and 22-inch black wheels, while the white goes a little further with a custom white grille, bolder wheels and a full audio/video system installed inside.

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