Ten years ago it would have been difficult to write this article. That's because the number of options offered to shoppers with low credit scores and bad credit histories has grown dramatically in the last decade. Now, more than ever, it's possible to put financial bumps and bruises behind you.

In fact, there are 5 good reasons not to worry about your bad credit:

1. Your story counts.
Bad credit doesn't automatically equal financial irresponsibility. Sometimes it means that you've had a medical emergency that forced you out of work and into debt. Sometimes, unexpected life changes or countless other circumstances have left you with seemingly impossible credit decisions to make. Dealerships and lenders know that assessing someone's ability to repay a loan means looking at more than just a credit score or credit report. They'll often factor in your specific situation when deciding whether to approve you for a loan. Don't be afraid to be honest about the real reasons you find yourself with imperfect credit.

2. More options are available for more people.
Dealerships and banks have expanded their willingness to grant loans as the number of people with low credit scores in the United States has grown to the millions. Although more loan options are now available, it can be hard to find the right dealership to work with. That's why we created the Car Credit Wizard. By answering a few simple, anonymous questions, you'll get connected to the dealers equipped to help people with excellent credit, poor credit and everything in between.

3. There are resources.
An increase in bad credit situations has led to an increase in companies that specialize in helping people rebuild their finances. Credit counselors, financial advisers, even the creditors you currently work with have information on how you can get through financial turmoil. As with any service, you have to do your homework to make sure you work with someone knowledgeable and trustworthy, but help is certainly available.

4. You can improve your credit.
The best thing about a low credit score is that it can be temporary. It's something you can change over time. It may be where you are today, but it doesn't have to be where you are in the future. From checking your credit report regularly to focusing early on the payments that are late, there are easy ways to take steps in the right direction.

5. Lenders look for silver linings.
It's perfectly understandable to think your low credit score is going to shock the person sitting on the other side of the finance desk. But lenders aren't surprised by financial hardships. In many cases, they actually decided to specialize in helping get loans for people with imperfect credit. They've already seen every type of situation and are actually looking for the good on your credit report, not the bad. They'll focus on finding reasons to help you get a loan, not reasons to deny you.

It's important to note that this article focused on 5 reasons not to worry about bad credit instead of 5 reasons not to work on your bad credit. More than anything, we encourage you to take steps toward improving your credit. Start today, by reading 9 Tips to Improve Your Credit.

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