Winter is coming, and for many Americans that means it's time for coats, gloves, knit caps and four-wheel drive. If you're one of the thousands of consumers looking to purchase a brand new SUV this year, you've come to the right place. We've painstakingly searched incentives and special offers from every automaker to help you find the best deal on an SUV for the upcoming winter months - and the list we've compiled includes at least one model for just about every budget.


Chevrolet Equinox

Through the end of the year, Chevrolet is offering qualified buyers some great deals on its midsize Equinox crossover. According to the automaker, all 2011 and 2012 Equinox models are available with zero percent financing for 36 months, while 2012 models also qualify for a special lease offer. That offer, available for 39 months and 39,000 miles, includes down payments as low as $275 per month with just $275 down at signing, including the security deposit. If you prefer the Equinox's more muscular GMC Terrain twin, the financing offer still stands - but only the Equinox offers the low lease rate.

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Ford Expedition

Looking for a good deal on a large SUV? The Ford Expedition may be just the ticket, thanks to some major incentives through November. Cash buyers interested in a remaining 2011 model can take between $3,000 and $5,500 cash back depending on trim level, while qualified buyers looking to finance are eligible for zero percent interest rates for up to 60 months, or 1.9 percent rates for up to 72 months. While Ford isn't offering as good of a deal on 2012 models, the automaker is still advertising up to $2,000 cash back, or interest rates as low as zero percent for 36 months, 0.9 percent for 48 months, and 1.9 percent for up to 60 months.

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Honda CR-V

Honda's smallest SUV is available with an attractive lease deal through the end of the year. According to the automaker, qualified buyers can lease remaining 2011 models for 35 months with $0 due at lease signing and payments of just $270 per month. If you'd prefer to purchase, the automaker is offering the compact SUV to qualified buyers with 0.9 percent interest rates for 24 to 36 months, or 1.9 percent rates for 37 to 60 months. And if you're looking for something a bit bigger, the automaker is extending the same offer to its midsize Pilot throughout November, though lease rates increase to $309 per month for the larger SUV.

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Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai's midsize Santa Fe is available with several enticing offers in November. For shoppers looking to lease, the automaker is offering rates starting as low as $269 per month, with $2,699 due at signing for 2011 models and $2,999 due for all 2012s. Consumers who would rather finance their Santa Fe can also take advantage of a special rate, with 1.9 percent interest available on all Santa Fe models for 36 months, or 2.9 percent for up to 48 months. The automaker is also offering $1,000 cash back for buyers who choose a 2011 Santa Fe - a figure that drops to $500 back on the popular SUV's 2012 models.

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Jeep Wrangler

If you want to crawl over rocks, there's no vehicle better suited to the job than Jeep's off-road-ready Wrangler SUV. And through the end of the year, Jeep is offering several incentives designed to make its toughest model even more appealing. According to the automaker, qualified buyers can get zero percent financing for up to 36 months on all 2011 and 2012 models, including the four-door Wrangler Unlimited. Low rates are also available for other terms, including 1.9 percent for 48 months and 2.9 percent for up to 60 months. To us, that's a great deal on a brand new SUV that can tackle just about any terrain.

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Mazda CX-9

Mazda's heavily praised CX-9 SUV is available with several special offers throughout November. According to the automaker, remaining 2011 models are available with zero percent financing for up to 60 months plus $500 customer cash, while 2012 models offer both purchase and lease deals. Shoppers looking to purchase a 2012 CX-9 can also take advantage of zero percent financing, though the automaker's cash back offer doesn't apply to the newer model year. For consumers interested in leasing, Mazda is offering a 36-month lease for just $349 per month with $2,943 due at signing.

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