While the Chrysler SuperBowl commercial featuring Eminem continues to get clicks on YouTube, there’s plenty of other vids featuring cars to be watched; here are 10 worth the click.


Porsche Boxster Love Story Video

The first minute will make you nostalgic and happy to be a car enthusiast. Then you get an ugly reminder of what cars have become–functional (gasp!). But the music and Patrick Stewart’s voice inspire you...and next thing you know, you’re investigating Porsches for sale.


Grannies Doing Donuts

BBC’s Top Gear is hugely popular around the world. This clip from a recent episode features five grannies doing donuts in a Honda S2000, with instruction by stunt man Russ Swift. It’s sweet, funny and will make you want to go out for a few spins yourself.

Part 1

Part 2


New Ferrari FF

If this doesn’t make you want to drive a sports car in the snow, you’re definitely best on a traffic-congested freeway in warm weather. The FF (Ferrari Four for four-wheel drive and four seats) was unveiled online in January and live at the Geneva Motor Show. See what this hatchback can do.


Ken Block’s Gymkhana

More than 28 million people have watched this clip, which had more than 7 million hits in the first week. Rally racer Ken Block, known for his Gymkhana style of driving, performs some amazing stunts in his Ford Fiesta at the Linas racetrack in France. (There’s also a helpful definition of Gymkhana.)


Bugatti vs. BMW

Apparently Bugatti races are popular on YouTube (this one has almost 40 million views). Watch to see if the Veyron or M3 is faster in an airstrip drag race. (There are plenty of other races to watch when you’re done with this one.)


VW Passat The Force Commercial

You may have been one of nearly 34 million people who have watched The Force commercial for the 2012 Passat. Now watch the “making of” video, where you see a kid trying to use the force as Darth Vader. (You may need to explain to your cube mates that you’re not watching Star Wars at work.)


Model T Assembly Line and Driving Footage

This one’s not a talkie nor funny, but it will have you impressed by the workmanship in Henry Ford’s Highland Park factory. It’ll also make you appreciate the tires on cars today.


Renault Va Va Voom Commercial

The beauty of YouTube is getting to watch commercials that don’t air in the U.S., like this one for Renault that shows iconic images from Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys to Rihanna. If you’re left confused, watch the “making of” video as well.


San Francisco Market Street, 1906

San Francisco’s Market Street, one of the country’s most famous thoroughfares, doesn’t look the same as it did when this video was shot, just days before the massive 1906 earthquake (and subsequent fires) that destroyed much of the city. Cars are more prevalent than you may expect, weaving through horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, people and street cars. So in that respect, the energetic activity on the street hasn’t changed much in 105 years.


Car Fail

Last but not least, a good chuckle from the folks at FailBlog.org, one of the funniest sites online where you can catch videos and photos of car blunders.

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Meg Hemphill is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle writer who covers the good life: style, food, automotive, travel and entertainment. When it comes to cars, it is less about the nuts and bolts and more about the aesthetic, luxury and occasional practicality. A former editor at InStyle, she writes for the Huffington Post and a variety of other publications.

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