Toyota Prius V

The Prius family is growing – and Toyota wants to make sure you hear about it. To help, the automaker has built a campaign around breaking wacky records, striving to set 200 imaginative new records in two days during a live streaming Internet marathon.

The records are certainly not going to be traditional Guinness Book fodder. While Toyota says they aren’t sure exactly what they’ll be shooting for, examples provided include “largest mural created during a three-hour Prius Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle charge,” “farthest launch of a gumdrop using the windshield wiper of a Prius,” and “most noodles fit inside the cargo area of a Prius V.”

Toyota plans to set the records during what it calls the “Live, Interactive Record-Setting Spectacle,” which will take place March 30 and 31. The automaker says the spectacle will involve two ten-hour record-breaking stints streamed live, and encourages anyone watching to Tweet their own record-breaking ideas to its Twitter account, @Toyota, using the #PriusRecords tag. According to Toyota, record attempts will be shown on a website set up specifically for Prius-related initiatives,

All the record-breaking fanfare is promoting the Prius family’s newest member, the larger Toyota Prius V. While the Prius V shares an engine, platform, and general aesthetics with the traditional Prius, it offers considerably more cargo room, adding versatility and practicality. The Prius V will also be one of the first Toyotas available with Entune, an all-new Toyota multimedia system supporting mobile apps and Internet radio.

The Prius V made headlines last week after its Japanese-market launch was delayed due to the recent earthquake and tsunami there. While Prius V production wasn’t directly affected, parts suppliers had to shutter factories in the wake of the natural disaster, leaving Toyota with fewer Prius Vs than planned for the launch. Despite troubles in Japan, Toyota says the U.S. launch of the Prius V, scheduled for later this year, will remain on target.

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