To most car shoppers, one of the biggest obstacles to owning an electric car is lacking easy access to a charger. But future homeowners in several new southern California developments won't have that problem. That's because nearly 200 new townhomes will be pre-wired for electric vehicle chargers thanks to a recently-announced cooperative effort between Nissan and City Ventures, a California-based eco-friendly home builder.

The project, which Nissan and City Ventures says is the largest residential electric vehicle pre-wiring project in the United States, will involve pre-wired parking spaces and garages at three City Ventures developments. The first, in the Long Beach suburb of Signal Hill, will involve pre-wiring 54 homes. Another in Alhambra, near Los Angeles, will include 88 pre-wired homes, while the final development, in Santa Barbara, will see a further 48 homes pre-wired for EV chargers.

"Nissan applauds City Ventures' vision and leadership to create a unique solution on such a large scale," said Brendan Jones, Nissan's director of electric vehicle marketing and sales strategy. "Their model perfectly complements the accepted preference by EV owners to charge at home - including convenient charging during off-peak overnight hours - and is a meaningful step to help advance Nissan Leaf owner satisfaction."

While the homes won't include the chargers themselves, the pre-wiring allows for easy installation of a Level 2 charger, the recommended home charging method for the Leaf. According to Nissan, which exchanged technical information with City Ventures for the project, a Level 2 charger can fully recharge a depleted Leaf in about eight hours. Nissan also helped City Ventures to better understand consumer charging habits and plans to pursue cross-promotional opportunities with the home builder.

"City Ventures' goal is to provide the most advanced and cost-effective solutions to buying a green home," said Herb Gardner, City Ventures' president of homebuilding. "By pre-wiring multi-family units, homeowners now have a simple, low-cost option to charge their all-electric Nissan LEAF at our all-electric home, and can even use the home's solar panels to power their car."

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