Chrysler is rolling out a new web-based system that allows customers to check the production progress of their new vehicle. The automaker recently announced its Vehicle Order Tracking System, which allows buyers to follow their Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram vehicle as it rolls down the assembly line and into their garage.

To use the system, which only tracks orders specifically placed by customers, buyers must provide their dealership with an e-mail address when filling out an order. The e-mail address is then linked to a particular build, which is called up when buyers log on to the system.

According to Chrysler, the system automatically sends buyers e-mails when the order is confirmed, production is scheduled and the vehicle has shipped from the factory. However, interested buyers can also log on to gain more specific updates including when the vehicle enters frame assembly, the paint shop, the trim line, and when it completes the final inspection checkpoint.

While the system is currently live, Chrysler says it's in the early stages and will be improved by future updates. For example, pop-up messages warning of production delays or information related to specific vehicles are not yet in the system, but will be added with future updates. The system is also not set up to track vehicles once they're finished, meaning buyers won't get any updates between a vehicle's completed production and its arrival at a dealership.

Interestingly, the system will likely only ever be utilized by a small segment of Chrysler's buyers. That's because the vast majority of Chrysler's customers purchase in-stock vehicles that already arrived on dealer lots, diminishing the value of the Vehicle Order Tracking System. Nonetheless, for the rare customer who wants a hard-to-find car with unusual options or a unique color, the system will certainly help ease the anxiety of waiting weeks for a brand-new car.

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