What do you get when you take Nissan's funky Juke crossover and combine it with the track-ready GT-R sports car?  Nissan recently asked itself that very question, creating a 520-horsepower, fully-street legal concept car that it calls the fastest, most exciting and most daring compact crossover in the world.

To build the modern-day hot rod, Nissan took a typical Juke crossover to RML, a U.K.-based company that specializes in producing cars for road races and rallies. The small SUV's standard engine and transmission were replaced by the GT-R's monstrous twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 along with its six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Also swapped was the GT-R's drivetrain, including the sports car's highly-praised all-wheel drive system. The result is the Juke-R, a super crossover with a minimalist interior and 20-inch wheels borrowed straight from the GT-R.

While Nissan renderings provide a glimpse of the heavily-modified SUV wearing roof-mounted rear wings, hood scoops and large side skirts, the final product is still a few months away. The automaker says testing is expected in November, with completion slated for the end of the year.

Unfortunately for those looking to get a little extra performance out of their Juke - or some added utility from their GT-R - the Juke-R is just a concept designed to underline the compact crossover's fun factor. But that doesn't mean Nissan isn't taking the Juke-R seriously.

"Nissan Juke is one of the most exciting cars on the market today," said Paul Willcox, Nissan's senior vice president of sales and marketing in Europe, who added the crossover has reached more than 100,000 sales after just one year on sale. "Equally at home on road and track, Juke-R showcases two of the most exciting cars in our range and highlights the technical innovation that drives Nissan. This car will more than live up to the dynamic driving experience we engineer into all our cars."

Fortunately for those as excited about the Juke-R as Nissan, the automaker has created a video showcasing the vehicle's production, which can be found here.

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Jeffrey Archer is fortunate to have turned a passion for cars into a career. His wide-ranging automotive experience includes work for automakers and dealers in addition to covering the news. When not writing, he spends his time searching for unique cars on AutoTrader.com.

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