Suzuki rolled out its vision of the next-generation global compact car at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. Finished in bright green and offered with a series of advanced features, the tiny Regina hatchback may be relegated to "concept" status for now - but its weight-saving design, aerodynamic styling and futuristic interior could see production soon as automakers strive to boost fuel economy and adopt new technology. 

Measuring just 139 inches in length, the diminutive Regina features a turbocharged 0.8-liter engine and a curb weight of just over 1,600 pounds. But despite its small engine and tiny footprint, the hatchback concept offers four full-size doors, comfortable seating for four occupants and an exciting exterior with a distinctive front fascia, dramatic tail lights and flowing lines that reminds potential consumers that an earth-friendly urban city car doesn't have to skimp on style.

And the Regina's futuristic features don't stop with its exterior. Inside, the hatchback offers a sloped dashboard to allow for more cabin space and a center-mounted, digital instrument panel that resembles an iPad and provides navigation aids, full-color graphics and even Internet connectivity. Other interior features include a center-mounted speedometer and gauge cluster, a unique steering wheel and rearview cameras that take the place of traditional side-mounted mirrors.

Technological advancements can also be found under the Regina's hood. In addition to featuring a tiny turbocharged engine designed to deliver the performance of a larger powerplant, the Regina offers regenerative braking, which powers the hatchback's accessories with energy created when slowing down, and a continuously variable automatic transmission designed to boost the concept car's fuel economy.

While Suzuki sees the Regina as the future of urban transportation, we don't expect the concept to make production.

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From its tiny turbocharged engine to its weight-saving construction and interactive interior features, look for some of these features to show up on future Suzuki vehicles.


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