• Nissan's new Track Pack reduces brake fade, improves suspension and offers other performance improvements.
  • While the Track Pack is only available in the UK, the automaker could bring the option to the US in the future.
  • The package's is priced at 10,000, or about $15,000 at current exchange rates.


Although it can already outrun many modern supercars in a straight line and on the racetrack, Nissan's high-performance GT-R will soon be available with a new race-ready option package designed to boost performance even further.

Dubbed the "Track Pack" and currently only available on 2012 GT-R models sold in the UK, the new option package is aimed at GT-R owners looking for "an extra edge on the race track." That means upgrades to the coupe's brakes, suspension and interior, which help propel the tuned GT-R to its fastest track times yet.

According to Nissan, GT-R models equipped with the Track Pack retain their standard brakes, but add new air ducts into the front bumper that help cool the vented discs by up to 100 degrees. That means the coupe's brakes are less prone to fading, which improves stopping power after a series of hard laps on a racetrack.

The GT-R's optional Track Pack also includes upgraded suspension. While Nissan didn't elaborate on the revisions, the automaker did say the coupe's suspension system was enhanced to provide better on-track grip and improved cornering. But despite the upgrades, Nissan says GT-R models that feature the Track Pack still offer fully adjustable dampers, which allow for a reasonably soft ride when the high-performance coupe isn't in hard use at the race track.

Other Track Pack features include lightweight Rays alloy wheels, unique center console badging, Recaro front seats and a rear seat delete option that's designed to save weight. And while the performance package doesn't include any upgrades to the GT-R's monstrous 550 horsepower twin turbocharged V6, we imagine little tuning is necessary under the hood as the sports car can reach 60 miles per hour from a standing start in around three seconds.

Although Nissan hasn't decided whether to bring the Track Pack stateside, we expect many race-obsessed GT-R fans would take advantage of the option - even at its UK base price of around 10,000, or $15,000 at current exchange rates.

What it means to you:

The new Track Pack means Nissan's maniacal GT-R just got even quicker than all of its high-dollar European supercar competitors.

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