• Added power and lower weight
  • First model to get "Handling Speciale" suspension package
  • Seven-year maintenance program included

While not as outlandish as its stablemates, Ferrari's California has still managed to carve out its own niche in the market as a great grand tourer. In fact, the fact that it's not on the bleeding edge as much as others wearing a Ferrari badge has made the California the most accessible Ferrari, especially when considering the price. But the car hasn't seen an update since its launch in 2008, something that Ferrari feels needs to be changed, as evidenced by the facelift due to launch in Geneva.

The main focus of the update is a reduced weight of about 66 pounds, and 30 additional horsepower. Ferrari says these enhancements are able to shed an extra tenth of a second off of its 0-62 mph time, now at 3.8 seconds.

For those that demand precise control over all that power, Ferrari has an answer there, as well. The new California will feature a Handling Speciale package, which utilizes Magnetorheological dampers, or dampers whose stiffness is controlled many times a second by a computer. Controlled by an all-new ECU that can apply adjustments up to 50% faster than the outgoing system, this new suspension package, along with stiffer springs, makes sure the tires stay on the road as much as possible.

But if you chose your grand tourer based on looks, rather than performance, Ferrari has you covered. The Ferrari Styling Center has come out with more color options for the new Ferrari, on top of its already vast possibilities of hues. Included in that are two new two-tone finishes, and modern takes on some old classic colors.

What it means to you: While one of the more forgotten cars in the grand tourer segment, Ferrari's California is now even more capable of accompanying you on a long road trip, or a trip down the boulevard.

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Tom Cassady comes from a family that has been present in the automotive industry for generations, sowing the car enthusiast seed at a young age. When he's not tracking the industry, Tom likes to run, eat buffalo wings, play soccer and partake in the finest of brown spirits.

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