• Outgoing Rogue to stick around as Rogue Select
  • Budget-priced Rogue Select will start under $20,000
  • Redesigned Rogue debuts in November

The Nissan Rogue has been redesigned, but the old model isn't gone yet. Nissan recently announced it plans to continue offering the current Rogue as the Rogue Select even as the all-new Rogue model begins reaching dealers in November.

According to Nissan, the 2014 Rogue Select will reach dealers in January. Essentially a carryover of the 2013 Rogue, the Rogue Select will offer the same 4-cylinder engine and 5-passenger seating as the current model. It will also use the same styling, both inside and out.

That's a big departure from the all-new 2014 Nissan Rogue, which keeps little from the current model. While the latest Rogue retains today's 4-cylinder engine, it boasts entirely redesigned looks inside and out. It also offers new equipment and newly available 3-row seating, courtesy of larger exterior and interior dimensions. 

So why is Nissan keeping the old Rogue around? One reason is pricing. With its larger size and 3-row seating, the new Rogue is expected to start around $23,500. Meanwhile, Nissan says the old model will be "under $20,000." That means shoppers can view the old Rogue as a budget-priced alternative to the new model. The outgoing Rogue will also stick around for drivers who don't want a larger model -- or for those who prefer the looks of today's Rogue.

The Rogue won't mark Nissan's first time keeping around an old model as a new one debuts. Nissan's luxury brand, Infiniti, recently announced it will keep the outgoing G37 even as it rolls out the model's Q50 successor. Once again, the outgoing car will serve as a budget-priced alternative to the new one.

Nissan hasn't announced how long it plans to keep the Rogue Select in its lineup. For drivers interested in the new model, expect it to start arriving at dealerships in November. 

What it means to you: If you're interested in a Nissan Rogue, you'll soon have a choice between the new model and the outgoing one.

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Doug DeMuro has a wide range of automotive industry experience, from work at a Ferrari dealership to a manager for Porsche North America. A lifelong car enthusiast, Doug's eclectic vehicle purchases include a Porsche 911 Turbo, an E63 AMG wagon, an old Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz G-wagen.

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