• Ford identified an error with fuel economy ratings, worked with EPA to retest vehicles
  • Fiesta, Fusion Hybrid and Energi, C-MAX and MKZ hybrid affected
  • Automaker will make goodwill payments to affected owners

After an internal audit, Ford Motor Company is reducing the fuel economy estimates for six of its 2013 and 2014 models, including the Fiesta, Fusion Hybrid, Fusion Energi, C-MAX Hybrid, C-MAX Energi and Lincoln MKZ hybrid. The mileage on most labels will decrease by one to five miles per gallon. However, the Lincoln MKZ hybrid will undergo the largest drop, as its combined fuel economy will go down by seven mpg, from 45 mpg to 38 mpg.

Once Ford identified the errors, the automaker contacted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The organizations worked together to retest the vehicles and correct the fuel economy ratings for each of the affected models.

"Ford is absolutely committed to delivering top fuel economy and accurate information," said Alan Mulally, Ford president and CEO. "We apologize to our customers and will provide goodwill payments to affected owners. We also are taking steps to improve our processes and prevent issues like this from happening again."

The automaker will compensate approximately 200,000 U.S. buyers with payments of between $125 and $1,050 to make up the difference between the estimated average fuel cost of the previous fuel economy ratings and the revised ratings. Here's a breakdown of each vehicle with its new and previous mileage (city/highway/combined):

  • 2014 Fiesta
    • 1.0L Manual Transmission -- Previous rating: 32/45/37; Revised rating: 31/43/36
    • 1.6L Automatic Transmission -- Previous rating: 29/39/32; Revised rating: 27/37/21
    • 1.6L SFE Automatic Transmission -- Previous rating: 30/41/34; Revised rating: 28/38/32
    • 1.6L Manual Transmission -- Previous rating: 27/38/31; Revised rating: 28/36/31
  • 2013-14 C-MAX Hybrid -- Previous rating: 45/40/43; Revised rating: 42/37/40
  • 2013-14 C-MAX Energi Plug-in Hybrid -- Previous rating: 43 mpg/21 mi EV range; Revised rating: 38 mpg/19 mi EV range
  • 2013-14 Fusion Hybrid -- Previous rating: 47/47/47; Revised rating: 44/41/42
  • 2013-14 Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid -- Previous rating: 43 mpg/21 mi EV range; Revised rating: 38 mpg/19 mi EV range
  • 2013-14 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid -- Previous rating: 45/45/45; Revised rating: 38/37/38

Affected U.S. fleet owners and affected owners outside of the United States will be contacted by their local Ford representatives. Customers with questions can contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center by calling 1-866-436-7332, or visiting www.ford.com/mpglabel or www.lincoln.com/mpglabel.

What it means to you: If you own any of the six listed models, please contact Ford to determine how your vehicle was affected by the fuel economy adjustment.

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Jessica Shea Choksey is an automotive journalist and former writer/reporter for the PBS/Discovery Channel television series "MotorWeek." She began her career in journalism as an editor for numerous magazines and publications mainly outside of the automotive field. Jessica currently resides with her family, in Southern California.

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