Jonny Loquasto: For 2012, the Eos has a slightly updated look. It now resembles the 2011 VW Jetta. Up front are newly shaped headlamps that can sense oncoming traffic and automatically dim themselves. Also we have a newly redesigned three-chevron grille that has a nice sporty look to it.

Shawntey Hinton: And back here is a new rear bumper flanked by two-part LED taillights. The design team at VW has been very busy.

Jonny: Yes, they have. Now under the hood, not a lot has changed since last year, but that's a good thing. VW's 200-horsepower turbocharged two-liter gives the exact performance you would expect from a 16-valve, dual-overhead-cam 4-cylinder engine.

Shawntey: While still getting an estimated 22 miles per gallon city, 29 highway.

Jonny: That's if you don't make too much use of that intercooled turbo.

Shawntey: Aw...

Jonny: Now, the five-part hard top has a fully functional sunroof with shade. It retracts in about 25 seconds. Genuine walnut, standard on higher trim lines, for the instrument and dash panels. Plus Vienna leather seating.

Shawntey: It's also got a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel and shift lever.

Jonny: Along with keyless entry and push-button ignition to start and stop. One thing that's a bit unusual, though, is the dual-mode climate control. It adjusts automatically when the top is up or down.

Shawntey: I'm always amazed at how a twin-clutch transmission can shift so smoothly and so fast. You can hardly feel a thing.

 Jonny: It's DSG technology. Volkswagen invented it. Each clutch matches with the engine and transmission speeds, so there is no jolt going from one gear to the other. It works whether you're shifting up or down. Now you can choose to shift manually with the paddle shifters, or let the transmission choose for you. Either way, DSG is faster than the fastest any driver can do it with a manual shift.

And I forgot to mention- it has the latest parking assistance technology for anyone who has trouble getting in small parking spots.

Shawntey: A lot of very cool things, sir. So how much does all of this set you back?

Jonny: Well, the base Komfort trim starts off at $33,995, but a top-of-the-line Executive trim is $39,220.

Shawntey: That sounds pretty reasonable for a fully equipped and well-engineered car like this one.

Jonny: Thank you for watching Auto Trader's New Car Review of the 2012 Volkswagen Eos.

Shawntey: Right here on AutoTrader, The Ultimate Automotive Marketplace.

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