I have a confession. Before last week, I had never been behind the wheel of a Honda Accord. Crazy, right? The other staffers here at AutoTrader thought so, too. "Seriously? You've never driven an Accord? Like, ever?" said one of them. I know it's hard to believe, considering the popularity of this mainstream sedan, but unlike some kids I grew up with, I didn't get one when I turned 16. Nevertheless, I've always heard great things about the car, so I was excited to drive a 2013 Honda Accord for a few days.

So That's What All the Fuss Is About

OK, I get it. The Accord just feels nice. It offers a smooth ride and decent power for a 4-cylinder engine. The interior definitely feels upscale -- not exactly luxury-car territory, but the leather seats and trim look more expensive than our Accord's $30,000 price tag would suggest. (Note: Our long-term Accord is $30,000 because it has leather and navigation. You can definitely opt out of these features and still get a great car.)

Both front and back seats are spacious and supportive. My daughter's car seat fits perfectly in back (forward-facing now -- yay!), and her little feet that love to kick aren't anywhere near the front passenger's seat back.

Getting Tech-y

As far as technology goes, my iPhone initially paired seamlessly to the Honda, though I have to re-sync it each time I get in the car or wait around five minutes for the Bluetooth to autonomously recognize my phone. That's annoying when I compare this to our long-term 2014 Mazda CX-5, which automatically syncs up as soon as you turn on the engine.

Our entire office agrees the navigation system leaves much to be desired, but we're all obsessed with the Accord's LaneWatch system (I am a much better driver with this feature).

I tend to hold the steering wheel with my left hand around the 7 o'clock mark, which is the exact location of the HondaLink infotainment system's voice-activation button. At least once per car ride, I accidentally press this button and interrupt a phone call or a song. Pretty sure this is just user error, but it's frustrating nonetheless.

Despite a few negatives, I am impressed by the 2013 Honda Accord. I can see why it has been such a popular choice among drivers for decades. It really does offer something for everyone.

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Tara Trompeter is the managing editor of AutoTrader.com's editorial team. A former writer and television producer for Turner Broadcasting, she's trying to blend her love of style and pop culture with the automotive world. Tara lives in Atlanta with her husband and two kids.

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