Nissan 240SX - Fast & Furious

A staple of the southern California import scene is on the market. Robert Monroe's 1991 Nissan 240SX has been featured in magazines, rendered for video games, and even used in Fast & Furious, the fourth movie in the popular fast cars franchise. And now it's for sale on

Originally built for the aftermarket-focused SEMA convention in 2004, no expense was spared in making this 240SX a conversation-stopping, eye-grabbing showcase for aftermarket parts suppliers Kazama and Nagisa Auto. Using graphics designed by PJ Bonifacio, Richard Tang of southern California's SIX Autoworks built the car from the ground up, creating an exact replica of a well-known Japanese drift racing car. Since completion, the car has driven just a few hundred miles.

"It just draws too much attention," said Monroe, a friend of Tang's, adding that the first time he drove the 240SX in months was to cruise up and down his block before listing it on to ensure it still ran smoothly. "It's a very specialized car and it doesn't have an alarm system, so it's not something you can just drive around."

With tens of thousands of dollars in aftermarket parts, custom paint, interior components, and even a new engine, it's easy to see why this 240SX is living the pampered life. According to Monroe, the only times it gets out of the garage are for special events: magazine photo shoots, rendering for a video game, and a cameo in Fast & Furious.

"They used it in four scenes in Fast & Furious," said Monroe. "It was just parked, but you can see it in two scenes that actually made it in the movie." According to Monroe, the other two scenes were snipped from the film, but were included on the DVD special features.

And the video game?

"It was rendered for a few video games, but licensing for the graphics didn't go through, so they couldn't use it," said Monroe, who couldn't remember which games were set to feature the car. But despite licensing issues, the car was still available for download online – and Monroe's ad even has the screen grabs to prove it.

Although some might say the car's $25,000 asking price is a little steep – the average price for an early-1990s 240SX on hovers around $5,500 – it'll be hard to find a more unique, meticulously built import than Robert Monroe's 1991 240SX.

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