Lebron James 2005 Rolls-Royce Phantom

Most people would be content just owning a car like this 2005 Rolls-Royce Phantom which once belonged to NBA star, multi-millionaire, and Akron, Ohio native, Lebron "King" James. After all it's not as if the stock Phantom is missing much in the way of options to begin with. But as F. Scott Fitzgerald once said of the wealthy, "they are different from you and me."

James showed considerable restraint and made only subtle changes to this particular V12 powered luxury car. Dark window tint provided privacy for the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player and former Rookie of the Year. He also had some unobtrusive custom badges applied to the car, which is currently listed at $169,888. Which is a relative bargain from the $405,000 original MSRP.

The badges, which replace the traditional Rolls-Royce branding, feature an older version of James' personal logo that dates from his years with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Prominently displayed on the badges are the letters "L" and "J" somewhat intertwined with the number 23. The "23" is significant because it was James' number when he played for Cleveland. And while we don't know for sure that James sold the car when he signed with the Miami Heat and his number became 6, when you make around $15 million a year you have to spend your money on something.

Rolls-Royce as a company has long been aware of its unique buyers' desire to personalize its already distinctive cars. Through the company's "Bespoke" program, potential purchasers can request virtually any kind of customization. This includes being able to choose an exterior color from a standard catalog of 44,000 color hues. But if you still can't find a shade you like the manufacturer will paint your car to match a color swatch that you provide from something like a favorite tie or lipstick.

This car is being offered for sale by Jake's Motorcars of San Diego, California a dealership that specializes in luxury and exotic automobiles. Nicholas Deer, a sales representative at Jakes, would not comment on how or where Jake's got the car, only saying that they obtained the Phantom from a private party and that it's in very good shape with less than 5,000 miles on the odometer.

"A lot of times you see celebrity cars that are not well taken care of. But this is an exceptionally clean car in a desirable condition and color," Deer said.

As a self-professed follower of the L.A. Lakers, Deer noted that if you are not a fan of Lebron James, or even professional basketball for that matter, Jake's has other Rolls-Royces available for you to buy.

"If you don't like this one, we've got five more for sale. That's a lot for an independent dealer. Not many Rolls dealerships have that many," he said.


See the listing here. Find the archived copy after it sells.

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