For sale right now on AutoTrader is a customized 2008 BMW M5 that once belonged to Super Bowl winning corner back Chris McAlister.

Over his ten year NFL career, McAlister was selected for the Pro Bowl three times and was twice recognized as best in the league with an All-Pro selection.

In Super Bowl XXXV McAlister helped his Baltimore Ravens defeat the New York Giants with a clutch interception during the game.

In 2009, McAlister signed on with the New Orleans Saints, but before the season was over he was released from the team. The Saints went on to win the Super Bowl that year so even though McAlister never got the chance to play in the post season, he received a second Super Bowl ring.

At the height of his career, he had signed a seven-year, $55 million contract with the Ravens, but after retiring, McAlister publicly claimed he went broke and was no longer able to pay his child support.

So, it has to be asked, what kind of lifestyle did this man live that he was forced to move back in with his parents earlier this year? We like to think this baby had something to do with it.

With a starting MSRP of almost $80 thousand, the 2008 M5 wasn't a cheap ride by any means.

Under the hood is a gigantic 5.0-liter V10 engine that can launch the car from stand still to 60 in 4.4 seconds. Those numbers are for the factory car, but McAlister wasn't satisfied with the BMW's original setup. He had the car boosted the horsepower even more with an aftermarket exhaust and intake.

After upgrading the engine, the ProBowler wasn't finished. On the outside, he invested multiple thousands on an AC Schnitzer ground effects package, and carbon fiber accents.

Further setting the car apart is a special set of aftermarket brakes that are housed inside some very expensive Savini wheels. How expensive? Randy Koeppel of Desert Autosport said the wheels and brakes alone cost around $18,000.

The dealer is asking $54,995 for the modified Bimmer, which is a little high when compared with the estimated KBB value for a standard car but it is really hard to estimate the value of a car's modifications or its celebrity past. One thing is for sure; there is nothing else exactly like this on the road.

The dealer put a video on YouTube featuring the ride, be sure to check it out and bask in the V10's glorious sound.

See the listing here.

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J. Mark Sternberg is an automotive journalist, car enthusiast and writer with a degree from the University of Arizona. Mark is a devoted Formula 1 fan and also enjoys boating, flying and attending the occasional track day.

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