For sale on AutoTrader right now is a 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500 that once belonged to baseball All-Star Miguel Tejada.

Tejada started his big-league baseball career with the Oakland Athletics in 1997. Over the years he has been selected for the All-Stars six times. He won the Home Run Derby in 2004 and received the All-Star game's MVP award in 2005.

Tejada is currently listed as a free agent, but the star infielder said he would like to return to the A's this year to finish out his baseball career. The A's are currently playing spring training games in Phoenix, Ariz. without Tejada on the roster.

The car is listed for sale in Florida at The Car Shack, just outside of Miami.

Tejada's SL500 is heavily modified with new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, fenders and a rear spoiler. The car is also fitted with an aftermarket exhaust system.

Stock wheels wouldn't do for such a unique car, so Tejada's SL rolls on black 20-inch Asantis that cost around $4,000 for the set.

The car's stereo system received an upgrade, as well; a pair of aftermarket Kicker Solo subwoofers are mounted behind the seats. A set of amplifiers was installed in the trunk to provide extra power, but the original head unit is still being used to maintain the factory appearance.

The SL500 is equipped with a 302-horsepower, 5.0-liter V8 engine that is helps the car go from 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds.

2003 was the first year for this generation of the SL. It received some changes and upgrades in 2009 to keep the design fresh. An all-new SL was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. The new car is set to arrive in showrooms in 2013.

The dealer is asking $29,900 for the baseball star's drop-top Benz, which is right around the car's estimated Kelley Blue Book value.

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J. Mark Sternberg is an automotive journalist, car enthusiast and writer with a degree from the University of Arizona. Mark is a devoted Formula 1 fan and also enjoys boating, flying and attending the occasional track day.

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