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Kudos to the companies below for providing extra incentives to our brave military men and women. Find out if you or your loved ones qualify to take advantage of one of these well-deserved deals. Be sure to check with local dealers as some individual dealerships give discounts that aren't offered nationally by the automotive manufacturer, and not all dealers are required to honor the below discounts, although most will.



To qualify for Audi's program, you must be a member of the US military serving overseas or a Department of Defense ID card holder stationed outside the continental US at the time you order your car. If you meet those requirements, then you can take advantage of the program, which provides 100 percent price protection (so the price won't change from the moment you order the car) and 100 percent satisfaction at delivery or you receive a full refund. The company says the military pricing saves buyers thousands of dollars, which is a valuable perk for the bottom line of a pricey S4 or Q5. There are three separate programs, depending on where you serve: Europe, Middle or Far East and for diplomats and expatriates heading to the US.

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Buick, Chevrolet & GMC\

Active military, reserves and spouses qualify for the GM Military Discount, which the company claims is the best military incentive program from any automotive company. Qualified buyers get a Preferred Price, which is less than MSRP, on the purchase or lease of up to two new vehicles (the Chevy Volt and all Cadillac models do not qualify). Visit the site to get a code to bring to the dealer, along with military ID, to take advantage of the program.

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BMW & Mini

US personnel stationed overseas can purchase a car abroad and then take one of two options from there: 1) Have the new car shipped to the US or 2) Drive the car overseas; the customer is then responsible for shipping it back to the States. The discount depends on car model and where the buyer is stationed. A program for US-based military will launch in the fall.

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Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Ram

All 2011 Dodge, Ram, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles (excluding the Viper) are eligible for a $500 cash allowance to be applied to a purchase or lease. Buyers must be active military, active reserve, retired military or retired reserve within six months of discharge date (honorable discharge and 20 years of service required). The sale or lease must be registered to the participant, or in the name of an immediate family member living in the same household, or spouses of deceased military members.

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Ford & Lincoln

Ford's Military Appreciation Program offers qualified recipients $500 bonus cash toward the purchase or lease of any new Ford or Lincoln vehicle (exclusions include Mustang Shelby GT, Shelby GT 500, Harley and Hybrid models). Enroll through the link below, take a confirmation email to your local dealer and present documentation of active or reserve status.

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Hyundai currently offers active duty, veterans or retired US military members and their spouses an additional $500 off any new Hyundai vehicle (such as a Veracruz or Genesis). For a limited time, retired and veteran personnel who have served for four years or more are also eligible. Act quickly, because this offer expires June 30, 2011.

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Ready for that XK you've always dreamed of? All US military forces serving in Europe qualify for any Jaguar model at a significant savings when compared to stateside prices. The purchase also includes a 4-year/50,000 factory limited warranty, roadside assistance and shipment home (for up to three years after the purchase) when you and the car are ready to return to the States. Jaguar has specialists across Europe to assist with legal formalities and paperwork as well.

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Land Rover

US military personnel and Department of Defense civilians holding an active duty ID card, who are stationed outside the US qualify for the US Military Sales Program, which offers Land Rovers and Range Rovers at a substantial savings over the regular MSRP purchase or lease price. (Dealers can give exact details based on model.) If you have a longer or indefinite tour of duty in Europe, the company offers a Visiting Forces rate for the purchase or lease of a car overseas.

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Nissan & Infiniti

Nissan and Infiniti cars can be purchased at a fixed discounted rate below dealer invoice (meaning you pay less than the dealer did for the vehicle). Active and Reserve military members must bring proof of service to the dealership to receive the discount.

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As a token of thanks to military personnel, Scion offers a $1,000 rebate to apply toward a purchase or lease of a new Scion tC, xB or xD. To qualify, you must have active duty status or inactive reservist status. (Retired military do not qualify, unfortunately.)

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Active military personnel, their spouses and children, and active reservists qualify for Suzuki's $500 Bonus Cash offer. The offer is valid on the purchase of a new Suzuki vehicle and can be combined with existing Customer Cash offers as well.

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As with Scion's program, military personnel who are in current active duty status or an inactive reservist qualify for the discount. Toyota offers a $500 rebate toward the purchase or lease of a new Toyota vehicle when financed through Toyota Financial Services.

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For service personnel stationed overseas (or about to be stationed overseas or just returning from an overseas assignment), Volvo offers numerous perks when buying a new car. They include factory pricing (thousands less than US MSRP), the option to custom build your Volvo using a special military pricelist, free shipping from Europe to the US when the tour is complete, four-year warranty, three years of roadside assistance and servicing.

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