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 Mini Coupe
 Mini Coupe
 Mini Coupe

It's already available in four different bodystyles, but soon there will be a new flavor of Mini Cooper: a coupe. The first details about the long awaited, enthusiast-oriented Mini Coupe have just been released, and Mini has even whet our appetites with a few lightly-camouflaged teaser photos.

The Mini Coupe's main attraction is its driving experience. According to Mini, the newest member of its sporty family will bring "a whole new depth of intensity" to the brand's celebrated go kart handling, offering stunning precision thanks to performance-oriented suspension, weight distribution, chassis set-up, and aerodynamics.

But, the Mini Coupe won't just be spry around the corners. By using the same powerplants available in other Minis – including the 211-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder from the high-performance John Cooper Works model – the smallest Mini will also be a rocket in a straight line, capable of hitting 60mph from a standstill in just 6.4 seconds. That compares favorably to likely rivals such as the Volkswagen GTI and Scion's recently-updated tC, which hit the mark in around 7 seconds.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Mini Coupe is its styling. While still unmistakably Mini, the Coupe's unusual roofline almost gives it the look of a convertible – a feature Mini dubs the "helmet roof" design. Recently-released photos keep the roof under distracting camouflage, but Mini promises that its sloping design belies a surprisingly versatile cargo area, unlike the compromised load space found in many sports cars. Two rear spoilers also add to the Coupe's sporty look, including one that extends and retracts depending on the car's speed.

If you're a Mini enthusiast, you're probably left with only two questions: how much does it cost, and when can I get one? Unfortunately, the brand is remaining tight-lipped on those details – but we don't expect to wait too long before we know the answers, and the first Mini Coupes start hitting American shores.

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