2007 Ferrari Cars

2007 Ferrari Cars
Ferrari is a name that means excitement, horsepower, craftsmanship and the color red. The sports-car and racing brand has been producing road cars since 1947, and although the company is mostly owned by the FIAT conglomerate these days, it still makes exotic cars in northern Italy that fire the imaginations of car lovers everywhere. There's no such thing as a practical Ferrari, so if you're shopping for one, you're already expecting that you're not going to get a simple daily driver. The entry-level California T might be the most family-friendly and affordable choice, but you'll still pay six figures for it. The brand's competitors are other makers of dream cars with stratospheric prices, including Aston Martin, Bentley and Lamborghini. If money is no object and you're drawn to the elite brand's racing history and performance stats, then this automaker has a car for you (and you don't even have to get it in red).
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