2016 Lamborghini Cars

2016 Lamborghini Cars
It's a name that means "excess" in all the best ways. Lamborghini, maker of supercars, is part of a large portfolio of companies owned by Volkswagen -- but its cars are still made in limited numbers in an Italian village, and they are still guaranteed to turn heads wherever they appear. Huge engines, sinuous bodywork and a continuous flow of limited-edition and special models are guaranteed to keep Lamborghini cars desirable to the exotic-car lover as long as they continue making them. The company's emblem is a raging bull, and several models, such as the Diablo and Murci?lago, have been named for famous fighting bulls. The symbolism needs no explanation. What's to admire about a Lamborghini? Lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber bodywork, rip-roaring V10 and V12 engines, rear wings and diffusers to create aerodynamic airflow and blink-and-you'll-miss-it 0-to-60-miles per hour acceleration times. What not to expect? Much cargo space, passenger room or practicality of any kind. These are dream cars, after all.
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