2010 Scion Cars

2010 Scion Cars
The name means descendant of a noble family, and Scion is the youth-market brand of the dominant Japanese automaker, Toyota. It makes sense that the cars are small, affordable and have offbeat styling. It also explains why the model names sound like something that you upload to your computer: xB, xD, iQ, tC. As you'd expect with a youth-oriented brand, the audio system and connectivity choices are great, especially the optional BeSpoke audio system. Scion simplifies the shopping experience by making its cars mono spec, meaning you choose only the color and transmission; everything else comes standard. It also has a simplified buying and pricing process that encourages customers to do most of their shopping online. Limited editions and a strong social media presence help to give Scion owners a feeling of belonging to a special group, and it's true that you won't see one coming around every corner.
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    Car Review

    2010 Scion xB: Used Car Review

    The 2010 Scion xB delivers all the attributes of a small wagon in a vehicle that is fuel efficient, youthful and just a little bit cool.

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