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GM Pledges Carbon-Neutral, Electrified Future

Chevrolet Bolt EUV

Chevrolet Bolt EUV

GM's Mary Barra

GM’s Mary Barra

General Motors may be known for its powerful V8 engines, but the Detroit automaker says it will largely stop building cars fueled by gasoline and diesel in the next 15 years.

GM said it is aiming to transition its car, SUV, and pickup lineups to be all electric by 2035 as part of a bid to go carbon neutral just five years later. GM is the first American automaker to put a date on its plan to wean itself — and its consumers – off of gasoline and diesel fossil fuels.

GM’s Upcoming EVs

The automaker has plenty of big V8s in its lineup, but it was also an early adopter of electric cars. Currently, GM sells just one fully electric model — the Bolt EV — but it has plans to begin building a Hummer-badged GMC pickup and a high-end Cadillac in 2021 as well as nearly a dozen other electric vehicles due in showrooms in the next few years.

GM has developed modular underpinnings and a battery system it calls Ultium that it thinks will give it a leg up over competitors.

GM’s announcement goes a step further than Nissan, which said that it will electrify its entire lineup in key markets including the U.S. over the next decade. By contrast, GM intends to eliminate internal combustion engines in general, and the automaker said that it intends to source 100 percent of the power from renewable energy options for its facilities in the US by 2030, with global facilities following within the subsequent five years.

There was one small caveat in GM’s announcement: Heavy-duty vehicles such as big pickup trucks and commercial haulers will likely continue to use gasoline and diesel engines for at least a little while longer. Current batteries don’t have the capacity to hold enough charge to make electric heavy hauler a viable option.

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