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2020 Tesla Model Y Review

Tesla's new Model Y is everything we like about the Model 3 but with more...

Video | Here’s Why the 2020 Tesla Model Y Is So Cool

Telsa's Model Y is a smaller, more affordable crossover than its Model X.

Early Tesla Model S Electric Cars Are Now Just $25,000

A used Tesla Model S looks just like a brand new one and costs less than a third as much.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Review

The 2020 Tesla Model 3 offers full electric capability in a midsize luxury car with cutting-edge technology and blistering speed.

2020 Tesla Model S Review

A leader in the electric car field, the 2020 Tesla Model S continues to offer luxury and technology in a zero-emissions vehicle.

2020 Tesla Model X Review

With its long range and cool Falcon Wing doors, the 2020 Tesla Model X stands apart in a very small field of luxury EV SUVs.

Video | Here’s a Look at the Tesla Model 3 Performance

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is my favorite EV yet.

Autotrader Find: 2013 Tesla Model S For Under $27,000

You don't have to spend a fortune for a Tesla Model S.

What Do Used Tesla Model 3s Actually Cost?

The Model 3 has been out for 18 months -- so what are the market prices right now?

2019 Tesla Model 3 Review

The 2019 Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable model in the company's lineup, but it's no stripper.

2019 Tesla Model S Review

The 2019 Tesla Model S continues to be the gold standard for electric luxury cars, but its competition is catching up fast.

2019 Tesla Model X Review

The 2019 Tesla Model X offers the room and versatility of a modern luxury SUV but is powered solely by electricity.

This Tesla Model S Is the Cheapest Tesla for Sale on Autotrader

The cheapest Tesla Model S is under thirty grand.

Here Are the Ultra-Rare Base Wheels on the Tesla Model S

You probably won't see these wheels, but they're factory.

Six Months With the Cheapest Tesla Model S in the US: Should I Keep It?

One major issue has me questioning my Tesla ownership.

The Tesla Model 3 Is Officially Everywhere Now

I'm surprised this car has production constraints, because I see them everywhere.

The Tesla Model S is a Surprisingly Bad Family Car for One Reason

The Model S is a terrible car for the back seat passengers because of one massive flaw.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Review

In the 2018 Tesla Model 3, you'll find all the technology and speed of the Model S, but in a smaller, more affordable package.

Autotrader Find: 2013 Tesla Model S With 163,000 Miles

This one is for anyone who doesn't think the Tesla Model S will last long...

Video | 2018 Tesla Model 3: 90-Second Stats

Looking for an affordable way to get into something elite and all-electric? Here is a look at why the 2018 Tesla Model 3 is your best bet.

Video | Here’s Everything I Love About My Cheap Tesla Model S (and Everything I Hate)

My range anxiety is gone, but the last few weeks have presented some new issues.

Video | I Bought the Cheapest Tesla Model S in the USA

Ever wondered what it's like to own a high mileage, out of warranty Tesla? Well, I'm about to find out...

2018 Tesla Model S: Overview

The 2018 Tesla Model S remains the king of the electric car, offering unsurpassed range and technology in a handsome hatchback sedan.

2018 Tesla Model X: Overview

From its wild falcon-wing doors to its ability to hit 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, the 2018 Tesla Model X is no ordinary green SUV.
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