Justin Hughes

Millennials Are Buying Cheaper Cars

Millennials are buying less expensive cars than older generations. That's no surprise, but the reasons why are somewhat surprising.

A Temporary License Plate Would Be Nice in Massachusetts

The Bay State forces you to jump through some crazy hoops to drive a newly purchased used vehicle legally.

Snow Tires Transform a Car, Probably More Than All-Wheel Drive

Many believe all-wheel-drive is all they need to handle winter roads, but adding snow tires to an AWD car completely transforms it.

Here’s What Happens When Project Cars Go Completely Wrong

The story of my Jeep Comanche is my story of "the one that got away."

Here’s Why My License Plate Has a Lightning Bolt

Some states allow unusual characters on plates, but how did mine get a lightning bolt?

Why Does the Minivan Have Such a Horrible Stigma?

Nobody seems to want them anymore, yet minivans remain an excellent solution to a growing family's needs.

Here’s Why I Might Get Rid of My Subaru WRX

It's a great car, but it's not the right tool for the job.

Here’s How I Would Change NASCAR

My stepson says that I should take over as head of NASCAR. Here's how I'd change the racing series to make it more interesting.

The E21: The Runt of the BMW 3 Series

The 1977 to 1983 BMW 320i was the first version of the 3 Series -- and the least loved.

The Subaru BRZ Doesn’t Need More Power

Everyone from journalists to owners rant that the Subaru BRZ needs more power. I don't think it does.
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