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2017 Lexus LC: Detroit Auto Show

What Is It?

The 2017 Lexus LC is a high-performance coupe that’s designed to stand as the brand’s flagship coupe model. Positioned above the recently released RC in Lexus’ growing lineup, the new LC offers far bolder styling that will undoubtedly turn heads wherever it goes.

On the outside, the LC is a combination of the brand’s LFA supercar, the RC sports car, and the LF-LC Concept, which debuted several years ago and previews the brand’s upcoming styling direction. The low-slung, ultra-exotic design is intended to turn heads — and we think it’ll have no trouble doing just that. Inside, the LC is all Lexus, offering a driver-focused, sports-car-like cockpit — but one that’s lined with high-end leather and familiar Lexus touches.

Under the hood, the LC borrows its 467-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 from the RC-F and GS-F, resulting in a 0-to-60 time of around 4.5 seconds. Rear-wheel drive is standard, and so is a 10-speed torque-converter automatic transmission — one that Lexus says is just as fast as most rival dual-clutch gearboxes. Underneath, the LC rides on a new chassis that includes carbon fiber, aluminum and steel.

As for technology, the flagship LC will (unsurprisingly) offer it all: adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, forward-collision warning with automatic braking and more. A panoramic glass roof is standard, while an optional carbon-fiber top lowers weight to improve performance figures.

How Much?

That’s the big question. Lexus hasn’t announced pricing, but we suspect the LC will cost anywhere from Porsche 911 territory (around $90,000) right up to Audi R8 money (around $120,000 with shipping).

When Can You Get It?

Early 2017

Add It to Your Shopping List Because…

Lexus has been upping its performance game in recent years, from the arrival of the high-performance IS-F to the release of the LFA supercar, the GS-F sports sedan and the RC coupe. The 2017 Lexus LC seems to be the sum of everything Lexus has learned in those endeavors, offering a powerful engine, dramatic styling and a high-tech package. Although many high-end sports-car shoppers probably haven’t considered a Lexus recently, the LC will likely be worth a look.

Other Cars to Consider

2015 Audi R8Audi pioneered the concept of the modern flagship sports car several years ago, and the most recent R8 is just the latest variation on a theme. Featuring a midengine design, the R8 offers more of a supercar look than the LC — but the LC might tout stronger performance.

2016 BMW 6 Series — The BMW 6 Series serves as BMW’s flagship coupe, touting a wide range of models that reaches as high as the 600-hp M6. Styling isn’t as wild as the LC’s — but then again, we suspect the 6 Series isn’t as expensive, either.

2016 Porsche 911 — Although it’s hard to imagine a Lexus competing with the famed Porsche 911, that looks like the situation here. The Lexus will offer more power and bolder styling, but the 911 is, well, a 911.

Used Porsche 911 Turbo — If all-out performance is your thing, the 500-plus-hp 911 Turbo might be the car for you. It boasts razor-sharp handling, excellent power and standard all-wheel drive. Starting prices are high, though, so you may need to consider a used model.

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