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6 Cool Cars From the Paris Auto Show

This year’s Paris Auto Show was filled with cool cars — and we’ve rounded up some of the coolest, regardless of whether they’re coming to the United States or even going into production at all. Follow along with our editor, Brian Moody, as he shows us the six coolest cars from this year’s Paris Auto Show.

Nissan Micra

Although the Nissan Micra probably won’t come to the U.S., we think that’s a shame, as it offers more pizzazz than Nissan’s current subcompact car, the Versa. The latest Micra is longer, lower and wider than before, and updates including larger available wheels will help it handle better. Find a Nissan for sale

Volkswagen I.D. Concept

The crazy-looking Volkswagen I.D. concept is a fully electric concept car with a range of 350 miles. It certainly turned heads in Paris, and the automaker says something similar could go into production as soon as 2020. Volkswagen even says it will be a fully self-driving, automated vehicle as early as 2025. Find a Volkswagen for sale

Renault Trezor Concept

Another electric concept car, the Renault Trezor, is a fully electric concept sports car that gets from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds. Boasting 282 lb-ft of torque, the Trezor offers a tremendously futuristic interior — including a Hot Wheels-style canopy that opens above the cockpit in lieu of traditional doors.

LaFerrari Aperta

Of course, the LaFerrari Aperta was a showstopper in Paris. It’s a $2 million, removable-roof version of the brand’s LaFerrari supercar, with only about 200 units destined to be built — fewer than the hardtop LaFerrari, which is already out of production. Like most Ferrari supercars, the LaFerrari Aperta is already completely sold out. Find a Ferrari LaFerrari for sale

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept is a sleek coupe with four fully electric motors — one at each wheel — and enormous proportions; it stands roughly 2 feet longer than a current S-Class Coupe. It features gull wing doors, a highly futuristic cabin befitting its exterior design and a claimed 0-to-60 time of under 4 seconds. Find a Mercedes-Benz for sale

Honda Civic Type R

The highly exciting Honda Civic Type R is definitely coming to the States — in fact, Honda says the U.S. is the first market to receive it. Although the automaker hasn’t announced the specifics, as this is still just a concept car, this 5-door hot hatchback should closely rival the Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Golf R, which probably means more than 300 horsepower and impressive performance upgrades over the standard Civic hatchback. Find a Honda Civic for sale

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