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Auto Show:  2012 Geneva Auto Show

Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Driving Specification Preview: Geneva Auto Show

author photo by Tom Cassady February 2012
  • New "sport" settings for quicker response
  • Features new 21-inch wheels
  • Champagne bottle cooler keeps the back seat a nice place to be

When it comes to exotic luxury cars, there are usually two paths to follow. Down one path you have the exotics that focus on sheer driving excellence, taking you to the absolute edge of speed, acceleration, and adhesion. The other path leaves the driving to a driver, and focuses on the back-seat passenger, allowing them to conduct their business in the most posh of environments.

Bentley's Mulsanne has always been the latter of the two. As the company's flagship, Bentley has always used it as a showpiece of what's possible, especially in the entertainment sector. Since watching TV as a driver would be a very bad thing, this of course meant that all the focus was on the back seat. But those of you who follow Bentley know that the company makes some excellent drivers' cars as well. And for Geneva, that knowledge will be applied to the big flagship.

While the engine doesn't see any revisions for the long-winded Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Driving Specification, the car is the first Mulsanne to have a "Sport" button sitting next to the gear selector. Selecting the "Sport" option tunes the steering and suspension systems to allow for a quicker response to inputs, while not compromising the comfortable ride quality the car is known for.

In case you still want to ride in the back, there are new accoutrements there for you, as well. The most noticeable is a large tinted glass sunroof in the cockpit, allowing a stunning view of the sky above. If the sun is getting too warm, there's also an alcantara-covered shade that can slide into place to keep it out of your rolling isolation chamber. And for toasting to all you've accomplished from the back of your Mulsanne, there's also a champagne cooler in the seat back that holds two bottles and two unique flutes for holding your bubbly.

What it means to you: Bentley's Mulsanne is typically a car to ride around in the back of, but with the new Mulliner Driving Specification, it can play to either whim, fitting whatever mood you're in that day.

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