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BMW 5 Series Touring: Geneva Auto Show

What Is It?

The new 2017 BMW 5 Series Touring made its debut at this year’s Geneva Auto Show after being revealed online last week. The new 5 Series wagon (“Touring” is “station wagon” in BMW parlance) features handsome, if predictable, styling based on the brand’s recently redesigned 5 Series sedan.

Indeed, on the outside, the new 5 Series Touring looks exactly as you’d likely expect it to — sharing the front end with the 5 Series sedan but adding a larger rear end with a cargo area for extra storage. Inside, the two cars are virtually identical, save for the enlarged cargo space — a big benefit for shoppers who need more room than a sedan’s trunk can offer.

Under the hood, the 5 Series Touring will likely include a similar powertrain lineup to that of the 5 Series sedan. For the European market, that means a 252-horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder or a 340-hp turbocharged 6-cylinder, along with several turbodiesel options for shoppers interested in better gas mileage.

More important to U.S. shoppers, however, is whether we’ll see the 5 Series Touring at all. Although Mercedes-Benz still offers the E-Class Wagon, the closest rival to the BMW 5 Series Touring, BMW hasn’t sold a station-wagon version of its 5 Series sedan in several years, preferring instead to offer the unconventional 5 Series GT. Unfortunately, that decision probably won’t change with the latest model.

How Much?

Although the 5 Series Touring likely won’t be sold in the U.S., prices would probably start in the mid- to high-$50,000 range if it came here.

When Can You Get It?

As a U.S. buyer, probably never — as BMW has decided instead to offer the controversial 5 Series GT in the United States. However, the 5 Series Touring should be on sale later this year in Europe.

Add It to Your Shopping List Because…

If the BMW 5 Series Touring makes it to the States, it’ll be an excellent car for drivers who want the additional interior space of an SUV without the extra ride height. Essentially a family sedan with a much larger trunk, the 5 Series Touring is surprisingly functional — and, with the available turbodiesel powertrains, surprisingly efficient, too. Although some shoppers appreciate the 5 Series GT, we miss the traditional station-wagon body style still offered by Mercedes-Benz.

Other Cars to Consider

2017 Audi allroad — Although the Audi A4-based allroad isn’t as big as the 5 Series Touring, it does tout strong performance, standard all-wheel drive and a reasonably roomy interior. It’s certainly worth a look if you’re into wagons.

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class — Since you probably can’t get the new 5 Series Touring in the U.S., you’ll have to consider its closest rival, the Mercedes E-Class, which has been heavily updated for the latest model year with new styling and new technology.

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country — The all-wheel-drive Volvo V90 Cross Country is a handsome full-size wagon with lots of luxury and room for the whole family. It probably won’t drive as well as a 5 Series, but it’ll likely offer more comfort — and more room.

Used Porsche Panamera — The sporty Porsche Panamera offers varying levels of excellent performance, along with hatchback practicality. It’s bigger and more expensive than a 5 Series, though, so interested shoppers will have to consider a used or certified pre-owned model.

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