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Honda Civic Concept: New York Auto Show

What Is It?

Yes, it’s bright green. Yes, it has huge wheels and a big rear wing. But we think the Honda Civic Concept is a pretty good preview of exactly what the next Civic is going to look like. Of course, some of those elements won’t make production, but you can bet that the overall shape, profile and lines are pretty close to reality, assuming that previous Honda concept cars are any indication.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. What exactly is the new Civic Concept previewing? That would be the new Civic, which is due out sometime in the next year or two. And while the Civic Concept shown in New York is a 2-door coupe, you can be sure that the next-generation Civic will also come in the more popular sedan body style.

Interestingly, you can also be sure of a few other unique additions to the Civic lineup. One is a 5-door hatchback — a popular body style overseas but one that hasn’t been offered in the states for more than 20 years. Like so many other new cars, the production-ready Civic will also offer a turbocharged 4-cylinder in place of its traditional naturally aspirated engine — likely for a fuel economy boost.

But the best part about the new Civic? Honda is finally bringing a high-performance Type R model to the United States after keeping the sporty Civic confined to other markets for years. Given that the current Civic Type R offers a wild 306 horsepower, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next-generation version.

Will They Ever Sell It?

There’s no doubt Honda will sell a new Civic — but probably not in bright green or with a huge wing on the back. Still, we think the Civic Concept does a pretty good job of previewing the upcoming lines on the next-generation Civic, from the large wheel arches to the general dimensions. We’re most excited to see whether the unusual arch-shaped taillight makes production, though we suspect it’ll have to go before the Civic reaches dealers.

Why It’s Important

The Honda Civic Concept is important for obvious reasons, as it previews the next-generation version of Honda’s highly popular Civic compact car. But there’s another reason why this particular concept car is such a big deal.

When the current Civic came out, Honda was accused of a lazy redesign, and they scrambled back to the drawing board to correct things within a year. This time, the automaker wants to make sure they’re doing it right. The result is less “here’s the new Civic” and more “HERE’S THE NEW CIVIC!!!”, complete with bright green paint, new engines, a hatchback variant and a Type R model. If Honda is trying to win over shoppers they lost with the current model, we think they’re doing a fantastic job.

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