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Kia Superhero Cars: SEMA Auto Show

  • Kia and DC Comics team up for some special creations.
  • Fighting hunger, one superhero car at a time.
  • No upholstery worn on the outside.

The collection of Kia Superhero cars at the 2012 SEMA Show is timed perfectly for the Halloween season. It’s that time when kids in Spider-Man and Iron Man costumes roam the neighborhood in search of candy. Kia is doing something similar for this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association event, except the intention is to feed starving children thousands of miles away.

A black and green 2013 Kia Soul is kitted out with a Green Lantern theme. Check out the lantern symbols in the wheels and fog lamps. Red paint and yellow graphics mark the Flash 2013 Forte Koup. A 2013 Rio hatchback gets the Aquaman treatment, with green paint and yellow fish-scale-like graphics on the outside, and scenes from Aquaman’s comic book adventures depicted in the trunk. A silver exterior and red interior 2013 Forte 5-door pays homage to man-machine Cyborg. (This superhero was co-created by Marv Wolfman–you couldn’t make it up, could you?)

These four heroic Kia models have been unveiled at the SEMA show, while another car, the Batman 2013 Optima, was recently introduced in Gotham–sorry, New York City. Together they form a tribute to the Justice League of America, which consists of characters from DC Comics. Instead of fighting crime, they’re dedicated to fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa through the charity We Can Be Heroes.

Specially designed pieces of art will be auctioned off, along with We Can Be Heroes license plates and other items of merchandise. Proceeds go toward the charity and toward events such as SEMA to help raise awareness.

Kia is promising a total of eight superhero cars, so expect Superman and Wonder Woman models in the near future. (We hope the Wonder Woman one isn’t invisible, like her airplane.) And rumors of a Transformers Optimus Prime model are currently unfounded.

What it means to you: It’s good to be reminded of how poverty impacts other parts of the world, and Kia has reminded us in a fun way.

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