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Mazda Takeri – Tokyo Auto Show

  • A mid-sized sedan concept
  • New energy-saving technologies
  • Previews the next Mazda6

That Mazda’s Takeri concept revealed at the Tokyo Motor show is one of the event’s tamer debuts is no disappointment. More radical concepts are interesting, but vehicles like the Takeri show a vision of the more immediate future. In the case of the Takeri, many aspects of the concept car, from its design to its engine technology, will likely be found in the next-generation Mazda6, a new car that’s about a year away.

Most immediately striking is the Takeri’s aggressive exterior design, which Mazda says epitomizes their animal-inspired “Kodo” design language. Up front, a new grille is framed only on the bottom and sides by a metal bar shaped like a bull’s horns. The ends of the bars come to a point, bisecting each angry-eye headlamp. The front fenders are sculpted around the wheels as on the current 6, but the lines taper off more gently on the Takeri, flowing onto the front doors. The cabin appears to be positioned toward the rear, giving an athletic look. The rear fenders and steeply raked rear window flow into a tall tail with aggressive, wrap-around light clusters that match the determined look of the headlamps.

Inside, the look is simple and sporty. The dash appears driver-centric and low, with a sweeping arc below the windshield that terminates in the door panels. A single, body-colored trim piece runs horizontally, dividing the upper and lower dash. Instead of a rear bench, the Takeri concept is fitted with four sporty bucket seats.

While the Takeri’s design shows what the new Mazda6 may look like, the equipment beneath its skin reveals Mazda’s new strategy for efficiently powering its present and future models. Called Skyactive Technology, Mazda uses a clean and highly efficient diesel engine and a six-speed automatic transmission along with a few new technologies to deliver an expected range of over 900 miles. The very low compression diesel engine is made more efficient by i-stop, Mazda’s start-stop system that reduces idling time, and a new regenerative braking system.

This mid-sized concept has a sporty and aggressive design, but unlike some concepts here, it still has a steering wheel. The Takeri includes high-tech energy saving solutions, but no far-out propulsion technologies. The Tokyo Motor Show offers plenty of insights into the exciting future of the automobile. The Takeri concept offers a preview of the newest incarnation of Mazda’s mid-size sedan, the Mazda6, which may be in dealer’s showrooms as soon as late next year.

What it means to you:

Available late next year or early in 2013, a completely redesigned Mazda6 will likely include styling and technology found on the Takeri concept.

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