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Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Concept: Paris Auto Show

What Is It?

The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ has taken the 2016 Paris Auto Show by surprise. This concept car is really the tip of an electric iceberg. It looks as if EQ is going to be a whole new sub-brand, like the “i” cars from BMW, only on a grander scale.

The car is a crossover with a coupelike profile, which is hardly a new idea, but Mercedes-Benz manages to make it handsome with its simplicity. In a move echoed by electric concepts from other makers, cameras take the place of side mirrors. The interior looks suitably clean and futuristic, with touch controls and a 24-inch thin-film-transistor high-definition display.

Each axle has an electric motor for all-wheel drive, with a total output of 402 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Mercedes-Benz puts maximum range at 310 miles and claims the lithium-ion battery pack can receive fast charges. The body uses steel, aluminum and carbon fiber in its construction.

Naturally, the tech count runs high, with things like semiautonomous driving functions and 3D maps, plus connectivity with other cars and the surrounding infrastructure.

Back to the iceberg. Mercedes-Benz says its new EQ brand, “goes far beyond electric vehicles. EQ stands for a comprehensive electric ecosystem of services, technologies and innovations.” This could be the start of something big.

Will They Ever Sell It?

The company’s already said the Generation EQ is “close to production.” Chances are, it might not look exactly like this concept car, inside or out, but now, we know beyond any doubt Mercedes-Benz (the company that virtually invented the motor car) sees electric vehicles as a big part of its future and is going all in.

Why It’s Important

With the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Concept comes a dedicated platform designed especially for electric vehicles. The company says this platform can adapt to SUVs, sedans, coupes and cabriolets, so we can expect many more EQ-branded EVs. This is the point in history where Mercedes-Benz, in its own words, is “flipping the switch” to launch an “electric product offensive that will cover all vehicle segments, from the compact to the luxury class.”

Colin Ryan
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