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Nissan Sport Sedan Concept: Detroit Auto Show

What Is It?

The Nissan Sport Sedan Concept is just what it sounds like: a stylish, athletic sedan that hints at a performance-oriented future for 4-door Nissans. Actually, “stylish” is an understatement in this case, as the Sport Sedan Concept is nothing short of a spectacle. From its rakish LED headlights and concert-violin-inspired paint to its enormous 21-inch wheels and sports-car stance, the Sport Sedan Concept was born to turn heads. In person, it has an imposing presence that evokes the Tesla Model S, while its aggressive lines and bodywork channel Nissan’s own 370Z.

Inside, the design party continues with an angular, futuristic layout that Nissan says was inspired by modern furniture, apparel and accessories. From 10 feet away, the cabin looks pretty awesome, though a closer inspection reveals that this really is a concept car. Aside from the steering wheel, perhaps, there’s not much in there that appears ready for production.

When we hear “Nissan” and “Sport Sedan” in the same sentence, our minds naturally wander back to the third-generation Nissan Maxima, which was marketed as the 4-Door Sports Car. It even had a subtle “4DSC” sticker on the window to drive the point home. Since then, the Maxima has grown progressively larger and more luxurious. But could the Sport Sedan Concept take the Maxima back to its 4DSC roots? With a 3.5-liter, 300-horsepower V6 and front-wheel drive, the Concept doesn’t figure to be exceptionally capable, but a playful chassis could make it a Maxima to remember.

Will They Ever Sell It?

It won’t look quite like this, but we expect a production version of the Sport Sedan Concept within the next few years, likely as the next-generation Maxima.

Why It’s Important

Nissan used to be known as the performance-oriented Japanese brand, but lately it’s been eclipsed by Mazda. A production car based on the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept could go a long way toward reclaiming that crown.

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