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Video | 2019 Nissan Altima: New York Auto Show

At first, the 2019 Nissan Altima seems like the exact wrong car for the times. Sedan sales are down, and as soon as you mention this to ANY automotive executive, the response is always “but we still sell a lot of sedans.” Right, maybe today, but every month that number is going down. However, Michael Bunce with Nissan made some interesting points about the new Altima. First, Nissan thinks a lot of baby boomers and Gen X buyers will ditch the SUV once kids and grandkids aren’t such a large part of the transportation equation. Also, the Altima is adding a few appealing features that SUV owners might like. First, there’s no more V6 engine, so better efficiency all around should please SUV owners. Also, the Altima is adding all-wheel drive, so some of the all-weather ability of a small crossover might translate to the 2019 Nissan Altima. Nissan also says the Altima, even with all-wheel drive, will be reasonably priced compared to other all-wheel drive sedans. For example, an all-wheel drive Ford Fusion can run close to $40,000.

There are no official prices yet. Expect them nearer to the on-sale date. However, the current Altima range starts at around $24,000, so somewhere in that ballpark — plus a little more for inflation and newness — isn’t a bad estimate. We expect to see a base front-wheel drive model for around $23,000, and wouldn’t be surprised if Nissan manages to offer an Altima S (with more features than today’s Altima S) with all-wheel drive for around $26,000, including shipping. Come Fall of 2018, we’ll see for sure.

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