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10 Most Affordable New Coupes for 2019

Coupes have been declining in popularity over the years in favor of more versatile cars, but that doesn’t mean sporty, 2-door cars are gone for good. The coupe market may be shrinking, but the ones that we do have available are pretty stellar.

The word “coupe” gets thrown around pretty liberally sometimes, but for this list, we’re sticking to the traditional definition of a coupe: a car with two doors and a fixed roof. You won’t find a “4-door coupe” or an egg-shaped crossover SUV that calls itself a “coupe.” Here are the ten most affordable new coupes you can buy in 2019.

Lexus RC

Lexus RC: $42,170

The Lexus RC is one of the sportier offerings from a luxury brand that’s perhaps best known for its comfy sedans and crossovers. The RC just got a face-lift for the 2019 model year, which includes revised styling, a retuned suspension and the addition of Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa, all of which we think are nice improvements. The base RC is pretty generous with standard features, but if you have more room in your budget, you can add upgrades like all-wheel drive, a more potent engine and the F Sport appearance package. Find a Lexus RC for sale 

Infiniti Q60

Infiniti Q60: $41,745

Infiniti has been known to enthusiasts for its sporty 2-doors for a long time and the brand hasn’t abandoned that market. It has a bold look that we like for really standing out with an interesting design that implies both luxury and performance. It has an upscale cabin with comfortable front seats and it now comes standard with a twin-turbo V6 making 300 horsepower. Like the Lexus RC, it’s available with AWD. For more performance, you can upgrade to the Red Sport 400 model with 400 hp, but that will put it in the mid-$50k range. Find an Infiniti Q60 for sale

BMW 230i

BMW 230i: $36,295

The athletic BMW 2-Series is like a love letter to BMW enthusiasts who love the brand for its unique take on luxury and performance. It has a sophisticated look inside and out that is both distinctly modern and distinctly BMW. Handling is both agile and comfortable making it a well-rounded coupe for commuting, errand-running and spirited driving. The 2019 model brings with it newly standard safety tech which is a nice bonus even for driving purists. Find a BMW 2 Series for sale

Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z: $30,885

The Nissan 370Z is getting pretty long in the tooth, but we still like it for its strong V6 engine and its distinct styling that is aging pretty well. We also like its user-friendly features, like its intuitive infotainment system. Whether this Nissan is a good value compared to its competitors you’re about to read about is debatable, but the 370Z still deserves consideration for anyone looking for a sporty 2-seater with a potent V6 and a character not quite like anything else. Find a Nissan 370Z for sale

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger: $29,340

Speaking of long-in-the-tooth, the Dodge Challenger hasn’t received a major update since it came back on the scene way back in 2008, but this brute is also aging well. Among the trio of American muscle cars, the Challenger has the distinction of having a standard V6 engine and a bench back seat that’s actually usable. This huge coupe could even be considered a family car as long as the kiddos don’t mind a little extra climbing to get in and out. Its comfortable interior and one of the best infotainment systems in the business are nice perks as well. Also making it stand out from its rivals is available AWD. Find a Dodge Challenger for sale

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang: $27,490

The Ford Mustang is a legend, not only for its performance and style but for the value proposition it offers. You might have reservations about the 4-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang, but this lively turbocharged engine delivers stronger performance than you might expect with over 300 hp. Rounding out this icon is handling that is both comfortable and agile plus an inviting interior and plenty of modern tech. The current-generation Mustang does a great job magnifying the things that everyone loves about Mustangs. Find a Ford Mustang for sale

Toyota 86

Toyota 86: $27,435

The Toyota 86 is pretty widely criticized for having a lack-luster engine making only 200 hp, but we dare you to get behind the wheel of this coupe and not have fun. It’s not the fastest coupe in its class, but it’s still one of the most fun thanks to its dynamic handling. The interior is very driver-focused with nice controls and ergonomics making every drive enjoyable. The 86 also deserves credit for injecting some excitement into Toyota’s lineup of mostly economy cars and crossovers. Find a Toyota 86 for sale

Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ: $26,680

If the Subaru BRZ looks familiar it’s because it’s almost identical to the Toyota 86. The two share a platform and an engine, but have slightly different exterior styling. The exterior of the 86 fits more clearly into Toyota’s corporate design language, while the BRZ looks more like, well, a Subaru. The BRZ shares all of the vices and virtues of its Toyota sibling like an engine that’s arguably underpowered and lively handling. Find a Subaru BRZ for sale

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro: $25,995

The 2019 face-lift of the Chevrolet Camaro brought with it some more competitive pricing to undercut its longtime Ford rival. The base turbocharged inline four under the hood of the Camaro lags behind the EcoBoost Mustang while getting similar fuel economy, but the base Camaro still has a lot to offer in the form of excellent handling and seats that are comfortable and supportive (at least in the front). Like the Mustang, the Camaro does a nice job being a well-rounded muscle car that’s just as at home commuting as it is on the occasional track day. Find a Chevrolet Camaro for sale

Honda Civic

Honda Civic: $21,570

The most affordable new coupe you can buy today by a decent margin is the Honda Civic, which stands alone as the only compact front-wheel-drive coupe available in 2019. All of Honda’s rivals have abandoned the small, economical 2-door body style, but the Civic soldiers on with a stylish coupe variant offering fun performance, a class-leading interior and outstanding fuel economy. If you have some extra room in your budget, we recommend upgrading to the Civic Si Coupe, which is simply one of the best-driving compact cars on the market. Find a Honda Civic for sale

Eric Brandt
Eric Brandt
Eric Brandt is an author specializing in Oversteer content, new car reviews, and finding the best car, truck, and SUV deals each month. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Eric can often be found exploring the north woods on his 1983 Honda Gold Wing when the weather allows it. Father of four, husband of one, and unapologetic minivan enthusiast. Eric mastered driving stick by having a 3-cylinder Chevy... Read More about Eric Brandt

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