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2017 Genesis G80: 7 Ways It’s a Great Luxury Sedan for Smart Professionals

It would be easy to buy the car everybody else has or bring home whatever BMW or Mercedes meets your budget — but we think smart professionals would be wise to consider the 2017 Genesis G80. Here are seven reasons why.

1. It Demonstrates Fiscal Responsibility

Yes, you could get an Audi, a BMW, a Mercedes-Benz or even an Acura for the same money or less than the Genesis G80. But as you’ll discover below, you’re going to be getting a lot more car for that money in terms of size and equipment. And although some may be impressed by the fancier badge affixed to those established luxury players, the fiscal responsibility you demonstrate with the Genesis may be far more impressive to those that matter.

2. Its Pampering Cabin Will Isolate You From the Rat Race

The G80 provides cushy comfort and tomblike quiet that’ll isolate you from the nasty, traffic-snarled world during your daily commute. There’s a striking difference between the G80 and similarly priced luxury sedans — especially those from other value-oriented brands like Acura and Infiniti. When most of your driving is done creeping along the interstate or waiting for the next traffic light to turn, does it really matter that a similarly priced sport sedan can tear through a mountain road faster?

3. You’ve Got All the Toys Your Boss Has in His Car

Even the most basic $41,400 G80 comes standard with xenon headlights, adaptive cruise control, hands-free entry, keyless start, a blind spot monitoring system, rear cross-traffic alert, lane-departure intervention, a power adjustable steering wheel, heated front seats, leather upholstery, a navigation system, satellite radio, HD Radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. That equipment is often optional on luxury sedans that cost considerably more than the G80 — so actually, there’s a decent chance your boss’s car will have less stuff.

4. More Space for Co-Workers and Clients

The Mercedes C-Class and the Audi A4 that those guys on the sales team just bought sure are lovely, but they can get a little squishy when you all go to lunch. And we can’t imagine that clients would be too impressed with riding around in those back seats. The G80, on the other hand, offers the sort of comparatively huge back seat that you’d find in cars that start at least $10,000 more (or less luxurious full-size sedans). If you’ve got places to go and people to bring with you, it’s quite simply a better choice.

5. You’ll Get Questions From Curious Passengers and Bystanders

After spending a week with the 2017 Genesis G80, we were consistently asked two questions from curious and/or impressed people: “Wow, what is this?” and, immediately following our reply, “What’s a Genesis?”

Well, here’s the answer to the latter: Genesis is the new luxury brand started by Hyundai, much like Lexus comes from Toyota, Acura from Honda and Audi from Volkswagen. Genesis models are made in Korea just like your Samsung TV or smartphone. The G80 is the midsize Genesis sedan, the G90 is its full-size flagship, and there is a smaller sedan and at least one SUV in the works.

6. A Flashy Car Isn’t Always Appropriate

Perhaps you’re making good money but feel it would be inappropriate to show up to work in a car with a flashy badge. Well, at this point, few people would consider those Genesis wings flashy. Given that many people just see a badge and nothing else, your big, lovely luxury sedan may go unnoticed without a 3-pointed star or four interconnected rings in the grille. And even if the G80 does catch a few eyes (see below), at least you’re demonstrating that fiscal responsibility.

7. It’s Got Presence

So far, we’ve been talking a lot about value, space, feature content and going under the radar — but the Genesis G80 has presence. It’s a handsome thing, with attractive proportions and a bold yet tasteful face. It’s not overtly adorned, but it’s not anonymous, either. It also has the guts to back it up, with buttery smooth V6 or V8 engines available that smartly get this big sedan going. In other words, no matter what it costs, no matter what badge it wears and who sees you driving it, the G80 is desirable car.


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