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6 Great New Toyota Trucks and SUVs for Adventuring in 2019

As far as adventure-worthy trucks and SUVs go, no automaker offers a more comprehensive lineup than Toyota. From the all-new 2019 RAV4 to the mighty Land Cruiser, there’s a Toyota out there for every weekend warrior. Here we’ll take a look at each of the off-road worthy Toyota trucks and SUVs you can buy new today to help you determine which Toyota 4×4 might be right for you.

Toyota RAV4 Adventure & TRD Off-Road

Toyota RAV4 Adventure & TRD Off-Road

While it doesn’t possess the all-around capability of the other trucks and SUVs on this list, the all-new 2019 RAV4 Adventure is an exceptional overall package and offers unprecedented off-road capability as far as RAV4 heritage goes. The new model gains an additional two inches of ground clearance over the outgoing model, and a torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system capable not only of sending power between the front and back wheels, but from the left to right as needed as well. While many add-ons of the Adventure trim are purely aesthetic, the new RAV4 Adventure does come with all-weather floor mats, functional roof-rails, and a 3-prong power outlet in the cargo area for everything from charging a drone to powering a blender. Additionally, the RAV4 offers exceptional standard active safety technology, a great interior, and returns 25 miles per gallon in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. For many, this is all the adventure vehicle they’ll ever need. The 2019 RAV4 Adventure starts at $33,995 and reaches $38,900 fully loaded.

Buyers wanting a little more off-road capability may want to wait for the new 2020 RAV4 Adventure model, which is scheduled to go on sale this fall. The TRD Off-Road model adds to the Adventure trim unique 18-in wheels (less vulnerable off-road than the Adventure’s 19s), Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail all-terrain tires, and a revised suspension with new shocks, springs, and bump stops, which should theoretically make it better off-road. Find a Toyota RAV4 for sale

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is the best-selling midsize pickup on the market and is offered in two off-road trim levels. The milder of the two is the TRD Off-Road model, which comes with a Bilstein suspension, a locking rear differential, all-terrain tires, and off-road features like Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select modes. The Tacoma TRD Off-Road is offered either as an extended cab with a 6-foot bed, or as a crew cab with either a 6- or 5-foot bed. The 2019 Tacoma TRD Off-Road starts at $36,775 and reaches $41,980 fully loaded.

If you want even greater off-road capability, look to the Tacoma TRD Pro. The TRD Pro starts with a basic TRD Off-Road model and adds Fox internal bypass shock absorbers that give the vehicle a 1-in lift, a TRD cat back exhaust, a front skid plate, and Rigid Industries fog lights, along with aesthetic touches like black wheels with a 1-in greater offset, a hood scoop, blacked out headlights and taillight surrounds, leather seats, and TRD Pro badging all around. The Tacoma TRD Pro — which is only available in crew cab, short bed configuration — starts at $43,905 with a manual transmission and reaches $47,335 with a 6-speed automatic and the optional snorkel. Find a Toyota Tacoma for sale

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner

Out in its current form since the 2010 model year, the 4Runner is one of the oldest vehicles on the market, but it continues to thrive thanks to its unique truck-based body-on-frame construction. With the continued popularity of truck-like off-roaders, Toyota has taken the opportunity to offer two off-road oriented models in the 4Runner lineup, following similar logic to the Tacoma’s lineup. The 4Runner TRD Off-Road offers a locking rear differential, a manual transfer case, Crawl Control and Multi Terrain Select modes, and a trick feature referred to as "Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System" or "KDSS" that can automatically disconnect the vehicle’s sway bars for added articulation over uneven surfaces. The 4Runner TRD Off-Road starts at $39,225 and reaches $43,140 when fully optioned.

Much like the Tacoma TRD Pro, the 4Runner TRD Pro gains a Fox internal bypass suspension, a front skid plate, black wheels, a unique roof rack, and other aesthetic items like black wheels. The 4Runner TRD Pro, which offers no major options, comes in at $47,710. Find a Toyota 4Runner for sale

Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra

Last all-new for the 2007 model year, the full-size Tundra is another ancient beast in the Toyota lineup, but offers great reliability, not to mention good towing and hauling capabilities. The Tundra’s TRD Off-Road package — available on the Limited and 1794 Editions — adds unique 18-in wheels, a Bilstein suspension, and skid plates for the engine and fuel tank. No Tundra comes with a locking rear differential. Like some of the other Toyota trucks and SUVs on this list, the Tundra is available in TRD Pro form, which adds Fox shocks that give it a 2-in lift, rigid fog lights, and BBS wheels, along with "TRD Pro" stamped into the bedsides to go with the usual TRD Pro aesthetics. The Tundra TRD Pro, which is offered only in crew cab, short bed configuration, is sold with no options and costs $51,240. Find a Toyota Tundra for sale

Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia

Despite being based on the same platform as the Tundra, the Sequoia has never offered a specific off-road oriented trim level, but it will gain one for the 2020 model year when the Sequoia TRD Pro is introduced. The Sequoia TRD Pro will offer all of the same off-road features as the Tundra TRD Pro, from its Fox shock absorbers, to its Rigid Industries fog lights, to its BBS wheels, along with a unique platform-style roof rack, all in a package suitable for hauling the whole family around. Pricing for the new Sequoia TRD Off-Road will be announced closer to when it goes on sale later this year. Find a Toyota Sequoia for sale

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

The legendary Land Cruiser is the grandfather of the Toyota truck lineup and offers exceptional dependability, not to mention world-class off-road capability. The Land Cruiser is built for a 25-year service life, meaning that it’s tougher than just about anything else on the road. The Land Cruiser comes with full-time 4-wheel drive with low range, active traction control, which can mimic locking differentials, KDSS for added articulation, Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select modes, and a unique off-road turn assist mode that can brake the inside wheel to cut down on turning radius during tight maneuvers off-road, like navigating a series of switchbacks to get down a mountainside. Additionally, the Land Cruiser offers a clever split rear hatch with the rear window hinged at the top and a lift gate hitched at the bottom, which is extremely practical in a wide variety of outdoor applications. Sure its old-school V8 engine is thirsty, its interior lacking of modern touches, and its third row seats take up a lot of space when not in use, but when it comes to legendary capability, the Land Cruiser sets the standard across the world. This reputation comes at a cost though, and a new Land Cruiser will run you an eye-watering $87,000. Find a Toyota Land Cruiser for sale

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