New Car Deals

Read news and reviews, compare models and find the right new car for sale near you.

Deals on Luxury Cars: November Edition

Several luxury automakers are offering high-dollar incentives throughout the month of November.

Deals on Trucks: November Edition

We've found some great incentives on new pickups that can help you tackle the approaching winter.

Best Values for High-Performance Sedans

If affordability is a relative term, these high-performance sedans are some of the best for the money.

Deals on Luxury Cars: October Edition

It's a great time to buy a luxury car - and we've searched high and low to find the best deals on the market.

Best Performance Cars Under $25,000

Fast cars don't have to be expensive.

Deals on SUVs: October Edition

We've tracked down several great deals among a dizzying array of SUV choices.

Deals on Cars: October Edition

Trucks and SUVs may be all the rage, but there are still many great cars - and great deals - available for consumers.

Best Crossover SUVs Under $25,000

These crossovers offer practicality, style and much more for an affordable price.

Deals on Trucks: October Edition

Looking for a pickup? We've found some of the best pickup deals around.

Top 5 Deals on Convertibles for Fall

Looking to enjoy fall's cooler weather with a new droptop? We've found some of the best deals around on new convertibles.

Buy a Ram Truck, Get a Free Hemi

Chrysler offers shoppers great incentives in September.

Deals on Old Versions of Frankfurt’s New Cars

If you don't need the latest styling or features, there are good deals on old versions of new cars unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Top 5 Deals on Overlooked New Cars

Automakers are offering good deals on less popular but still surprisingly good new cars.

Accident Avoidance Systems Really Work

Volvo City Safe collision avoidance system reduces claims by 27 percent according to an insurance group.

New Car Deals for Dads

Looking for a great deal on a new set of Father's Day wheels? Check out these six rides for Dad.

Deals on American Cars

American cars are rapidly rising in popularity, but there are still some good deals to be had on some of the top cars and trucks.
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