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Autotrader Find: 2008 Ford Ambulance

Occasionally, here on Autotrader Find, I’ll feature a nice ambulance — but usually the ambulance has been modified for some other duty, like it’s an off-roader ambulance or maybe a college football tailgate ambulance. Not this one. This is a bona fide, ready-to-work, legitimate ambulance, that you can buy today and put into ambulance service.

Offered for sale by a private seller in Lockport, Illinois, this 2008 Ford Ambulance has covered just under 60,000 miles. The seller notes that it "has been meticulously maintained by a suburban village of Chicago in which it operated," and further states that it was "consistently washed by the fire department/EMT crew that used it." In other words, this ambulance was seriously loved.

Perhaps more importantly for future ambulance users, everything works — and not just things like the power windows and power locks, but also the gurney, the strobe lights, the sirens, the radio and the oxygen system. These are the sorts of things you have to figure out when you’re buying a used ambulance.

This particular ambulance also boasts the strong 6.0-liter Ford "Power Stroke" turbodiesel V8, well-known for durability. The seller says he purchased it last year intending to turn it into a camper, which is a fate that many used ambulances meet, but that didn’t end up happening. Now it’s back on the market, ready for your own customization — or, a second life as an ambulance once again.

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  1. You don’t know much about diesel engines, do you doug? 

    “This particular ambulance also boasts the strong 6.0-liter Ford “Power Stroke” turbodiesel V8, well-known for durability.”

    The 6.0 is a total dog and are prone to many common issues, some will require a total engine rebuild.
    • So funny, I almost fell over… 6.0 “known for reliability” … No, ……6.0 litre known for being a “tird and blowing up… “although this is a 2008 so it probably has the twin turbo 6.4. which was a little better for sure.. 

    • Not true.  Awesome diesel motor that was saddled with emission problems. Once sorted out this powerful motor worked diligently for me for 10 years and 270 k miles…

  2. Altitude camper. For when you love the mountains, but can’t sleep at 11,000′. Just throw in some cannulas and snooze like a baby at sea level. 

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