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The 2014 Corvette Stingray Sounds Extra Sweet

With its slick lines giving it an unmistakably sexy flare, the 2014 Corvette Stingray doesn’t need much to catapult it into the stratosphere of coolness. Leave it to Bose to make it sound as good as it looks.

The audio giant announced a couple of new sound systems for two 2014 models: a 10-speaker Bose Centerpoint surround-sound system for the Stingray coupe and a standard 9-speaker sound system for the convertible.

Bose and ‘vette have a cozy, storied relationship that spans 30 years. This marks the first time that multiple Bose systems are available in the iconic American sports car.

The Centerpoint is a dream come true for audiophiles. It was custom-engineered for the Stingray and uses Bose’s AudioPilot noise compensation technology, which ensures a stellar sound quality under an array of driving conditions, including a roaring engine or the whoosh of the world flying by when you have the top down. This is due to a strategically placed microphone in the cabin that continuously monitors background noise, while an intricate Bose algorithm analyzes and adjusts it to minimize the pesky effects of ambient sound. And, even sweeter, it happens automatically, letting drivers focus on the road ahead rather than mess with audio controls.

But it’s not just the automatic features that make the system sound so, so sweet. It also allows drivers to customize the listening features with a simple push of a button. Drivers can choose between stereo mode, driver mode or surround mode for immersive sound throughout the cabin. What makes this so dreamy is that regardless of where your tunes are coming from — satellite radio, CD or MP3 file — the system analyzes the stereo signal and converts it into several channels. This distinguishes every voice and instrument, making for some pristine music.

When you slip behind the wheel, you’ll be in a speaker utopia. A 3.25-inch Twiddler speaker is built into each door and — here’s the kicker — they are nestled in different spots, unlike traditional sound system layouts. Bose says this helps to balance sound reproduction.

Drivers will also find another 3.25-in speaker in the center of the instrument panel and a slightly larger one placed in each rear side panel. Adding depth to mid- and high-range frequencies, another 3.25-in speaker is in the center of the instrument panel. And behind the seats, a 5.25-in full-range speaker is placed in each rear side panel. Bose rounds out the system with 1-in tweeters — one in each corner of the instrument panel — for a boost in high-frequency performance and a pair of 10-in woofers in each door.

As if a 2014 Corvette Stingray isn’t awesome enough, Bose ups the ante by making it a truly melodious buy.


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