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A Guide to 2014 Infiniti Model Name Changes

  • 2014 sedan models use Q prefix
  • 2014 crossovers and SUVs use QX prefix
  • G sedan remains available

For the 2014 model year, luxury automaker Infiniti has introduced model name changes across its lineup. The brand’s newest vehicle, the 2014 Infiniti Q50 sedan, is the first to follow the new naming convention that begins with a Q prefix for coupe and sedan models and a QX prefix for all crossover and SUV models.

Understanding these changes will allow new-car shoppers to more easily research the Infiniti models that carry over from 2013 but now use a different model name. Shoppers will need some additional information when considering the latest models, too. While the old names indicated the engine size — a 3.7-liter V6 for the FX37 versus a 5.0-liter V8 for the FX50, for example — the new names indicate only the body style for each model.

Both the FX37 and FX50 become the QX70 for the 2014 model year. Buyers can still choose either a V6 or V8 engine. Under the new naming convention, Infiniti will offer the 2014 Infiniti QX70 3.7 or QX70 5.0.

Things are simpler for Infiniti’s two other crossover/SUV models, since both are offered with only one engine choice. The JX37, a 3-row luxury crossover, becomes the QX60 for 2014. The full-size QX56 SUV is renamed the QX80.

Among sedans, Infiniti’s M lineup previously included three distinctly named models, the M37, M56 and M35h. As with the FX, all of these now use a single model name: Q70. Again, engine choice will be indicated by a suffix — Q70 3.7 for the V6 model, for example.

There is one exception to Infiniti’s new naming rules. While the G Coupe and Convertible are renamed Q60, the sedan sister model keeps its original model name. Infiniti says its G37 sedan will remain on sale even though its replacement — the Q50 — is already available in showrooms.

Shoppers considering a 2014 Infiniti model can refer back to the previous model names to more easily research the luxury brand’s vehicles. With the exception of the all-new Q50 and consistently named G37, the updated names are Infiniti’s biggest changes for 2014.

What it means to you: Unless it’s a Q50, that 2014 Infiniti you’re considering isn’t an all-new model. The brand has renamed its existing models, though. Just refer back to the old model names listed here to find more information, such as ratings and reviews.

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